Friday, 23 December 2016

Thursday - Still hard at it

Report by Dave Clark

We had a good number in despite getting near to Christmas. In the Mess Room the boxes of biscuits and chocolates, packs of donuts, mince pies and sausage rolls, etc. made sure nobody was on a diet! Hopefully all the hard work going on soon burnt all those extra calories!

Starting off in the Barn this time with SK 24949, Ken reinstated the missing length of capping strip on the repaired south end door frame. Just a bit of filler and undercoat to make this look good again.

Richard topped up the filling I had done on Tuesday on the north end Cotswold side door. 

There was a problem with the top of the door slightly sticking when pulled open (no filling had been done here). As such Jim ran an angle grinder against the door edge, which considerably improved the opening and closing. The door edges and frame are now ready for undercoating.

Jim then completed the filling around the reinstated window and undercoated the whole of the cream area here.

Considerable progress was made on the Malvern side, with Ainsley (in the far background) finishing off the windows at the south end, while with the tape replaced Richard started undercoating the lower panel. Ainsley later joined in and the whole lot was completed by close of play.

Moving into the Workshop and on to TSO 4614, Ken was busy cleaning up the metalwork on the edge of the Cotswold side south window.

Ron and Alan were back to internal window frames, improving the threads of the screw holes in the metal frame using the tiny grub screws.

The new wood section is then pushed hard against the grub screws to mark where the holes need to be drilled.
With so much else on the painting trestles for FO 3132, it's about time we returned to the many lamp shades for 4614, which Ron Bennett has modified for single bulb fitting. Enjoying the warm Paintshop, Michael cleans up and undercoats another batch.

Back in the Workshop John Varley is preparing some metal cages to protect all the new air line outlets.

Now onto FO 3132, with Tony cleaning up and painting the heating controls. Once cleaned, the lettering on each is smeared with black gloss which is then carefully wiped off to leave a neat "HEATER ON OFF". The arrow is similarly treated.

In the Paintshop Martin completes the first coat of varnish on the newly repaneled corridor end door, which now looks really good after the disappointment last weekend when we realised that the veneer was beyond saving. Another two coats and the door will look stunning.

The painting of the second of the new battery boxes for 3132 was also completed by Robin. This box can now be mounted on the Malvern side of the coach.

Inside the south compartment Phil begins attaching the supports for the heater covers.

In the south compartment, with the last bit of veneer panel in place, Pat reattaches the luggage rack support.

Robin carefully paints one of the recess plates for the communication cord.

Finally the big heave ho! With most of today's work force helping out, the second of the two giant luggage racks is lifted and then held in position while the retaining bolts are hurriedly screwed in.

and FINALLY while people will be in on Saturday but I won't be getting any blog post out this side of Christmas so

From Dave and Myself
a VERY Happy Christmas
and  New Year to you all

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Wednesday - Details

With Christmas approaching and Santa's specials in full flow we were fewer than usual in C&W today. The range of activities was still quite wide ranging. many of them being in the nature of tiding up the finer details.

Rod was doing a little more of the detailed work on 3132. First undercoating a small section of the lining

and much later applying some yellow

The door team spent much of the day removing the paint over the grease nipples on hinges of 3132. and then greasing and checking the nuts to ensure they are all done up correctly.

Having had a problem with the varnish not taking on the veneer of one of the sliding corridor connection doors from 3132. the decision was taken to remove it and apply a complexly new panel to the door. Des, here, and I removed the old panel while Eddie and Colin prepared anew one.

Des then glued and pinned it in place and did a little wood filler overt he panel pins heads.

Ken was busy being inventive again. This time creating a jig to make some vacuum cylinder release links.

Some of the links These are used to attach the release cord to the sole bar bracket.

In the woodwork shop Des was making up a new set of woods for the north end corridor connection on 4614. The wood planks we have are to narrow so some gluing and sticking and clamping is needed to get the width up to spec.

Also being clamped up were the first of the newly covered tables for 3132.

Out in the barn Ainsley carried on the undercoating of the Malvern side of 24949.

No guiding star or even a sparkler left over from Guy Fawkes night but the intense glow of the welder as Nick replaces a section of door pillar on 4614. Craig is going to mark up the hinge plate locations after which we will be able weld in the hinge back plates and set about mounting the first door for the new disabled access on the Malvern side of 4614.

Tuesday - All things 3132

Report by Dave Clark

Just five in today. In addition John Hamer popped in briefly to make some checks, Richard Hoy started work and then received a call for help in the Coffee Pot cafe, and John Osborn came in to receive a visitor from a firm dealing in compressors, who was quite impressed with the one we have. Most of the work during the day was on FO 3132.

Maurice and David Ayres cleaned up the filler pipes at the north end of 3132, removing all the old cracked paint.

After priming the pipe on his side, Maurice painted his half of the coach end in gloss black.

At the south end Adrian completed all the black painting.

He then completed the sole bars and moved on to the Cotswold side south bogie. Having been grit blasted and primed by our regular contractor, the bogies are clean, and not oil and grease covered.

The outsides of the second battery box and doors were also painted.

Making a good job look great, Alex spent a lot of the day tidying up small areas of paintwork around the lines, something he very much enjoys.

The previously undercoated corridor end door needed more filler, so David set to and by the end of the day it looked a lot better. Just a bit more to do and then it can have a second undercoat. Too fussy? Possibly, but we want to make this coach something really special.

I spent a lot of time in the Barn sanding down fibre filler in one of the door frames of SK 24949. Alex meanwhile moved out to undercoat nearly all the cream panels and centre door on the Malvern side.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Saturday - Christmas decorations, maybe not.

Another day of progress in C&W saw a shunt of carriages to get them in the correct places ready for the winter shut down. The third rake is going to Toddington but minus 25743 which is in the process of having its seat replaced and will have some attention to its bogies during the winter.

3132 in the paintshop.
Phil, having completed the shunt, returned to the battery boxes for 3132. The second box gets a coat of dark grey undercoat

while the fittings for the box hang out to dry from one of the work benches. Its the nearest we have come to some Christmas decorations this year.

Alex a study of concentration as he set about completing the major part of the lining out.

Steve is working his was round the centre vestibule doing the kick boards having already attached the draft strip round the door behind him.

With the Thursday interior gang completing all the interior panelling they can on 3132 Bob was doing the final coat of varnish.

Dave was checking over the corridor end doors and filling some spots of chipped paintwork.

After some more work on one of the doors back in the workshop Clive cleared all the dust away.

With the water tank in we finally got the roof pipework connected today. There is still some sealing to be done to complete the job.

4614 in the workshop.
John Osborn was doing more fabrication of the North end Cotswold side corner of 4614.
One more section at the top to go then it has to be trimmed and the old corner removed before it is finally welded into place. 

James was also working on the carriage doing another section of body side repairs. This time a section top hat and Z| section steel struts under window 'c8' (the 8th window on the Cotswold side).

24949 in the barn.
The prep work is coming to an end on the carriage with Paul having a go along the Malvern side

George working the window frame that we had removed for welding repairs to the body side and have now replaced in the carriage. All the rivets have to be filled and sanded.

Door ways always need a lot of attention. Here Dave attends to door 6 on the carriage.

Earlier in the day James repaired this narrow section of the carriage skin cutting out a rusted section and replacing it. This was by door 4. We will now have to put the capping strip back on.

Richard was completing the interior painting of the Cotswold side doors of the goods van. Some extra light is always needed inside a van.

After the whistle stop tour of the worked a seat was obviously in order. Jenny sorting some of the horse hair stuffing of this, seat 5, for 25743 while John watched on as we chatted.