Sunday, 13 December 2015

Wednesday workings

A chilly but bright morning saw the LMS 32990 'Stove' Six wheel Passenger Brake built 1938 was being loaded for transport to the Vale of Berkley.

The Workshop

With 25451 now promoted to a full restore from the original quick paint job John started on removing some of the windows.
This one because the bottom corner rivets had popped and the window frame was subsequently sticking out from the carriage side.

All the rivets were we expected so this window hasn't been out since it was first put in.

With the glass removed the frame was passed down to ....

Oh me, hold on John just coming!!

With our expanded facilities its now easy for us to assist or accommodate other departments needs.

Steve from P'Way making a new gauging board,
he wasn't going to lay on the ballast again (see the P'Way photo site for last week).

In the Paintshop

A bit of a cross over here these are side planks for the goods van in the workshop. Richard sanded then in there and bought them into the paintshop for a top coat this is the exterior.

Ralph continued the work on the drivers compartment door for the DMU. Removing the old paint from the wood trim to allow re-varnishing require a lot of careful effort.

Alan was apply the final top coat of paint to the wheel chair ramp from Toddington. Another of out little external department jobs.

The Woodwork Shop

The usual hive of activity on a Wednesday with Eddie and Dave Ward making up various sections of timber at the far end while in the foreground the door team do final fitting and trimming of the panelling to doors. Currently they are working on the 2 doors from 25451.

Paul fitting a new top rail to one of the doors. This is unusual, normally its the bottom rails the rot.

The door skin has been freed and wedged just far enough away from the frame to get the new rail in.

The Upholstery Shop.

Dave is clearly and optimist and looking forward to spring or maybe the end of DMU seats.

On the spring base seats they are all inspected and Dave replaces the broken ones. Well its a change from removing staples.

John Hill fastens a new foam section to a seat back while in the background Penny is lining up the patterns before sewing a seat cover.

Another rarity. Penny show off an old foam backed seat. While the springs in the seat basses have often been replaced in the past usually the backs are still sprung.

Just not this one, out of the 60 or so seats basses they have refurbished so far.

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