Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wednesday - New toys for Christmas

18 volunteers attended C&W today enabling a wide range of progress to be achieved.

As we have expanded into our new facilities over the last 2 years we have been doing a wider and wider range of job. So we recently had a little review of our tools. Some we just need more off due to the increase in volunteers attending on any one day. Other it was time to upgrade to better ones. Such was the case for our pop riveters.

So putting the first of the windows back into 25451 was an ideal time to try out the new compressed air riveter. John Hamer, pictured, soon had the window refitted and He, Ken and I had lifted it back into position. The glass had been pre-fitted on the bench. Its easier even if it does make the frame heavy to lift into place.

Also heavy are vacuum cylinders. This one, new to us, has been cleaned, overhauled and reassembled. As a final test it was left hanging in the workshop all morning. It didn't  move thus proving the quality of the vacuum. Any leaks and it would have descended to the floor.

Looking almost as good as new the DMU car is in its final stages of exterior painting.

Trevor  painting the sole bar

Russ painting steps

Des painting a colour chart

the various connection are all different colours as standard.

Maurice cleaned up, sanded

and undercoated the Destination blind box.

The upholstery team have completed some new seats to go back in the Green DMU

but are now on the old seats. Penny finishing a seat base cushion ready for covering.

The last of the old spring being repaired by Dave

John putting the cover on another seat back.

To complete the set I gather we are going to have to make a couple more from scratch.

The door team, here Paul marking up a window side bar for cutting to length. A door from 25451.

and Mike on another 35451 door is positioning the vertical window catch having repaired the wood section.

and Colin, on the move, ready to glue a new door frame together. We now have four ready to use on the BSK. We know at least 3 of its 14 doors new frames.

Looking probably better than the original, the planking for the WW2 goods van in its Olive Drab livery drying after its second top coat by Richard.

Just stating a long haul to restoration a water tank carrier for the Boiler van gets a final de-rust clean and a coat of red oxide from Ralph ready to be taken out to the van.

A major exercise will be to finish removing the old rusted tanks first.

Finally out in the gloom of the barn Craig was sorting out the door frame of door 4 of 3132. It revealed a bit more welding is required before we can put new wood in place.

Also in the barn I did some sanding and filling on the P'Way's new storage van. Another carriage where the work will tick away in background.

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Ken said...

"A major exercise will be to finish removing the old rusted tanks first."

Those tanks are now GONE!

They will be duly 'skipped' and 'weighed in'.