Thursday, 3 December 2015

Wednesday - Back to Blue

What a difference a day makes. Well sometimes its more obvious than others. From yesterday's start of small section of blue today the DMU has turned back to blue.

Russ and Pete on the Cotswold side.

Rod and Trevor on the Malvern side.

There is just one guards door and a one panel where the capping strip beside a door needs attention.

While we are on doors the Dave and Richard completed and hung the other three doors of the goods van.

Door 2 from 25451 was passed on to the door team having been cleaned up.

Paul and Mike (off to the left) contemplate the next step having done battle with a rusted bolt and serviced the lock.

Ralph with assistance from others removed door 3. He then stripped the panelling ready for a general clean up ready for the door team.

Derrick was back checking on the diary entries to verify the new door work form.

Also on doors, but this time the big goods van door, was Dave Ward and Richard, (Richard is inside the van).

They have now made and mounted all for door.

Nick completed the structural welding on the north end of 25451.

Starting with the outer corner by replacing a section of the base plate and adding the Z section.

Some of the work has to be done from the inside.

Having contortionist on your CV helps.

Both lower crash pillar section were replaced and finishing with the base plate and Z section on the Malvern side.

Its now already for the sheet metalwork to be replaced.

Having started the day with me organising and parking the returned bogies.

This was a process that was slightly delayed by the special DMU school service running just when we needed to take the lorry across the tracks. We had to wait and of course wave to all the kids. Its all part of C&W duties. Great fun.

Ken checked out the broken corridor connection rod from 25451.

The circular rod should be on the end of the square bar but we found it broken when we dismantled the carriage end!

There have been debates about possible repairs but in the end we retrieved one from another carriage that will not be having an operational corridor connection in the future.
That carriage has been designated for other duties, when we get time.

Then it was onto brake cylinder overhauls.

This is one we have just purchased from Derby. They are rare as hens teeth well almost. It had been left out side for a long time so all the stud threads needed a cleaning up as a first step.

Also cleaning up, when I finally got to them, were the upholstery team. They have completed 5 units of DMU seating during the day. A mix of seat bases and backs.

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