Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tuesday - change colours.

Another 17 signed in today for a stint of colour changing. The numbers have been increased by several of our recent starter electing to do Tuesday among other days.

Robbie started by cleaning up the DMU connection before tackling the first colour change.

Following what was there when the carriage came in, on Saturday we painted the buffer beam red.

We have since discovered that when they were painter blue the buffer beam was changed to black.

So to the left Robbie has started redoing the colour scheme.

Dave was painting the edge of the doors.
 Its the delicate bit where the inside colour scheme changes to the exterior one.

On the other side of the carriage Adrian was doing the same.

The grey has now started to change to blue in earnest.

Malcolm started at the back end

while Cheryl took on a couple of doors

and the panel in between.

Richard Hoy on the Malvern side parcel door.

with Ainsley doing a great job inside.

This was a case of faded white to brilliant white with a new coat of paint on the ceiling.

Also working on the interior was Pam who was polishing the small strips of metal trim that separate the many panels.

The upholstery team today was Vivian, John Hughes and Dave Dron

Guess what, more DMU seats!

In the workshop Tony was back to deal with more sliders from 25451.

We need to get the carriage frames done as well while the sliders are out.

I finally remembered to get a picture of the steps with the feet back in place and working well.

Richard Stone into some metal work round the edges of the roof. He had already removed and started work on the replacement of a roof beam. Eddie is going to assist with that while Richard gets the attached frame work ready.

The old doors were removed to the skip with Dennis assisting

While we haven't started painting the van yet the colour scheme has apparently changed. The van is going into use for the War Week-end so a more military colour has been selected.

Morning coffee was somewhat brightened by a large Panacotta that arrived. It didn't last long, especially with Dave first in the queue for a slice!

Thanks to all those who donated cakes today we were well feed.

John Hamer spent the day on much paperwork waiting for the return of the bogies that went away last week.

Unfortunately the lorries hi-ab lift broke down so the bogies will now not arrive until tomorrow.

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