Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tuesday - seating and painting

Report by Dave Clark

Another damp misty day, but not preventing 12 attending. John Hamer came in for the morning to do more work on the extracted windows of SK 25451, while during the afternoon it was nice to see John Osborn appear. John, who is currently having to stay away to look after his wife, came down both to see us and to check on our welding supplies.

Beginning with the DMU seat progress, it was back to Dave wielding that very large needle as he sews an old seat cover onto a spring base t provide extra padding.

Vivian was extracting staples from the base of another seat prior to stripping it down.

While John Hughes was removing the final length of canvas from a spring base.

In the cab of the blue DMU Cheryl applies the light grey top coat. There is still a bit to do with the cab, but the overall coat of paint on the walls and ceiling is a big improvement.

Adding a topcoat of light grey to the backs of the two cab doors was Richard Hoy, who later added a second coat to the backs of the passenger doors on the Cotswold side.

In the Guards/luggage compartment Ainsley began his day by painting the "missing bit" of electrical conduit, before getting back to the Malvern side door area that has had to have more remedial work done where the doors still rubbed.

Dennis tackled the very narrow guards door from the passenger compartment, where the old adhesive still remained following the removal of the second layer of formica. He then moved on to cleaning up the wooden surround ready for varnishing.

Malcolm Baker went along the sole bar on both sides of the unit, cleaning off all the flakey coating and underlying rusty sections, before applying a coat of red oxide. This can now be glossed black.

Some of the replacement footboards for the DMU still needed glossing and this was done by Cheryl when she had completed the driving cab top coating.

I did some more work on the driving cab door, in the end deciding to use paint stripper to remove all the old grey paint and have a fresh start.

Richard Stone was top coating some of the box van planking in Deep Bronze Green. This is using up an old tin as the first top coat, before using Olive Drab which is an almost identical colour.

Phil Hooton was also in and, after vacuuming the van roof, applied a further coating of the grey textured masonry emulsion.

Frequently visiting the S&T coach and outside work area, and even occasionally coming into our Works, are two very friendly Robins. I managed to get a number of photos of one of them as it landed on the S&T coach steps.  

A very pleasing sight for Paul after all his hard work to sort out this area of our cloakroom/store, with all the dirty overalls now in their own place.

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