Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tuesday - Concentrated efforts

Report by Dave Clark

Back to more normal Tuesday attendance with 12 in. John Hamer came in specially to look at the Maroon rake at Toddington - firstly to check a reported steam leak and then look a little more into the brake problem reported on Saturday.

Another job which has slipped aside was repainting one of the portable wheelchair ramps from Toddington following its repair - the ramp was duly undercoated and a note left for someone in the Wednesday gang to apply the brown top coat.

Once again a lot of concentration was on DMU 51360. Cheryl got going straight away into the start of the second topcoat for DMU 51360.

She was closely followed by Richard Hoy, who is lightly sanding the opposite side before painting. By the end of the day most of the north end of 51360 had been completed.

Inside the luggage compartment Ainsley primed and later undercoated the remaining ceiling panel, the fitting of which had been completed by Steve on Saturday.

John Hughes was back in the cab, applying more sealant and doing more sanding down of the old paintwork where required. He then continued the undercoating in light grey, with most of this now completed. 

Dennis completed the removal and cleaning of the aluminium ceiling strips in the small compartment, and also the replacement of those for the large compartment.

Rawlplugs and glue were used where any screws failed to lock into the hardboard ceiling panels. All the strips will be given a coating of varnish to prevent any future tarnishing.

Malcolm Baker carried on with more cleaning up of the Formica, as well as a little more sanding of the internal window frames where required - we want these to look really good when varnished.

Another job was to apply paint stripper to the window frame and door edges on the DMU's driving cab door, as well as remove more of the upper layer of Formica.

Mentioning concentration, you really have to admire our Upholstery team, who by now must be refurbishing DMU seats in their sleep! The inward pile never seems to decrease for long, but they keep going. Dave and Vivian are stripping down two more seat backs.
Vivian asked me whether they would be doing 51360's seats - I did wonder whether to get nearer the workshop exit before replying!

The final concentrated effort in the Works today was being done by Richard Stone and Phil Hooton with the "Wartime in the Cotswolds" van. Richard is applying Light Executive Grey to the ventilation grill. He later went on to using up some redundant top coat to help protect the backs of the van's metal frame. 

Phil Hooton's first job was to sand-down all the primed planking that had been taken back off the van following the initial fitting. This will enable all the van's planking to be completely protected where covered by the van's framework. Paint won't get in between the planking and framework, but rainwater will!

The planks were then painted in Light Undercoat Grey.

A Workshop project in support of the Cleaning team. Phil prepares planking for the new hut at Toddington which will become the equipment and materials store for our Carriage Cleaning team.

This will be far better for storage than the locked-out toilet compartment at the end of the First Class coach in each of the three rakes.

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