Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Tuesday and Wednesday- the present we didn't want

Come Christmas there are presents you love and sometimes one you rather wish you hadn't got.

Such was our findings of the last couple of days. with good weather on Tuesday we could have done without Wednesday's.

In the barn wasn't much brighter. Ken has put in a great effort with the primary spring mounting on the south end bogie under FK13337 'Gillian' finally getting the bolts and nuts free as required.

Having freed everything up and removed the Cotswold side springs one was found to be broken. Enquires have revealed it's an 8 week wait for a new one.

So Ken kept going with the clean up and repaint of what we can do. It was 1.5 days to get the spring carrier apart now we shall have to temporarily put it back together then dismantle it all again when the new spring does arrive. At least it should be quicker next time.

The DMU carriage W51360 is just about ready to be shunted out.

Now with its numbering and lettering in place.

The final jobs before it goes out on Saturday are some more door edging rubbers fitted by Steve.

Adrian tidying up some door edges. He got to do some on Tuesday and Wednesday having to open the last tin of the 'Rail Blue' paint!

Clive removing surplus paint from windows.

The winter shutdown work will take over on Saturday until early March. During the closed season we have to get as much work as possible done on the main rake. Currently its the only real opportunity we get to work on it beyond the regular maintenance. This year the maintenance team seem to have a long list of jobs identified for us! We start with BSO9000 which will come straight into the paintshop replacing the DMU which will go out into the yard until early March.

There will also be some impact on the other work currently happening. However, it is hoped to keep things moving forward on many fronts.

25451 will remain in the workshop. The main focus at the moment for the carriage is the north end welding and the windows. Sanding and general prep is still happening on the body panels.

This carried on both Tuesday and Wednesday after some filling and sanding and some more grey primer. I did get some undercoat madder on round some of the slider window openings. I know its way ahead of the rest of the carriage but it will allow us to get the sliders back in and finished more easily.

Richard Stone with some assistance from Richard Hoy continued the WW2 wagon painting.

Richard Stone has now removed the second section of side panelling painted it.

The upholstery shop will be relatively unaffected by the close down. The change for them will be the fact that they will soon have finished the second class DMU seats.

Here John Hughes and Dave Dron start on the first of the first class single seats.

John Hill and the team are now down to the last 7 second class seats.

Penny moves another completed seat base to the holding area ready for Stuart to collect.

Dave starting to do the base cover for the first class seat. There are 10 of them.

In the woodwork shop Eddie has been restoring the track circuit display board for Toddington signal box.

If you follow the P'Way photo stream you will know the track layout has changed so the board must also change, While S&T do that a quick refurbishment was also in order.

Paul was working on another new door panel this of 25451.

The door are in good order but the panelling in not so much of it will be replaced.

Many thanks to Richard Stone for the Tuesday pictures in this posting.


Bob said...

Do you still have the Autotrailer 34500 on the GWSR? Whats the current status of it, any plans? Don't recall seeing it on my last visit. Thanks

Richard Johnson said...


Yes, 34500 is still with us, but there are no immediate plans for it.It is currently parked in our northern headshunt at Winchcombe.