Friday, 4 December 2015

Thursday - A contrasting day

Report by Dave Clark

A busy day with another new member joining the Workshop, more shunting, and more good progress on the DMU power car and SK 25451.

We welcome Pat Niblett, Left in the picture, who has joined up with our "Indoor Gang" for the day.

Pat and Roger were busy cleaning up sections of internal window frame removed from SK 25451.

On board 25451, Alan was sanding down the corridor veneer, while further along Tony was taking advantage of the removed window sliders and cleaning up the backs of the frames.

Dave Hancox did likewise on the outside, and then added a base coat of light grey paint to each one he cleaned up.

The new veneer ply destined for both the blue power car 51360 and FO 3132 has now arrived.

On Wednesday Eddie had tested a variety of wood stains of two pieces, which were subsequently given two coats of varnish. This will give us a good idea of the overall effect and help us decide which stain to use.

Outside, it was more shunting as various static vehicles were rearranged in the yard to prepare for the winter shutdown period.

Bogies were also shunted, to get the correct pair under the new P'Way store coach on the jack road replacing those currently there.

Ken continued working on the recently acquired vacuum cylinder. The sticking piston has now been freed up and removed.

John Varley has made a new internal base section for a door off 25451. Another work of art you never get to see in operation.

Robin's first job of the day was back in the store/changing room, adding another coat of emulsion to the wall.

Later on it was back to varnishing, giving the seat tops from 25451 their third and final coat.

Inside the DMU 51360 Ainsley was back to more painting, undercoating the pipework and various fittings. Prior to this he had removed more of the worn out draught strips from the door edges.

In the large passenger compartment Pete was cleaning up the narrow aluminium ceiling strips.

Jeff and John Hughes carried on with sorting out the driving cab, doing everything from improving the existing surfaces to re-sealing the cab windows with new sealant.

We haven't finished in there yet, but John still ends the day with a good vacuum around to keep it as tidy as possible.

Finally, the exterior continues to improve as Bob adds the second of three top coats to the cab front. 51360 is beginning to look really good.


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