Friday, 18 December 2015

Thursday - Bits going back

      Report by Dave Clark

Another very good day with 23 in.

On arrival at the Works the sound of a vacuum cleaner and chairs being moved around turned out to be Cheryl giving the Mess Room a good tidy up.

During the day there was a big shunt to get some more currently unrequired vehicles on the Cotswold side back road.

That enabled us to bring the boiler van closer to the Works, and replace PWay's new stores coach with FK 13337 "Gillian" to enable the suspension to be set to the correct level.

With the boiler van in place the job was to manhandle the old rusty and very heavy sections of water tank
onto the blue truck. Take them round to the front yard, where Neil with the tele-handler kindly placed them onto the ground.

In the Workshop, the emphasis for the Indoor Gang was SK 25451's windows . With, another new toy, the special suction pads in place Roger carefully places another window from SK 25451 on to the bench ready for cleaning.

while Pat start cleaning the now vacant frame.

Alan lines up yet another old section of internal wood frame with a new piece ready for drilling matching holes in the latter.

Inside the coach Alan and Ron are positioning one of the new prepared and varnished base sections.

Ken removes the excess sealant from the window reinstated yesterday.

25451 wasn't the only vehicle having parts reinstated.
In the Paintshop Jeff begins cleaning up the luggage racks ready to go back into the DMU

while Maurice bolts, them back on.

Cheryl completes the second top coating on the internal window frames on the Malvern side doors of the DMU.


Jim added the third top coat to the front of the DMU.

At the north end Martin applied the black heat-resistant paint to the exhaust pipework.
The inside of the cab was given another top coat in light grey by Bob. The Guards compartment was also part top coated by Jim and later myself.

Dave Hancox and myself attached the new footboards around the vehicle.

Pete completed the cleaning up of the passenger side of the drivers cab door. The (unfortunately) scored Formica either side of the window, as well as the wood blind box above, were later painted in undercoat cream. These will be top coated with the tan-coloured paint used for our Mk1 corridor end doors, which should blend in nicely with the existing Formica and woodwork when varnished.

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