Sunday, 6 December 2015

Saturday - What did you volunteer to do?

Think twice about ticking the box that says you will do anything!!

TTI      tick
C&W   tick
Snowman ?

Pam almost in the snowman's outfit for the Santa Specials.

Getting the head and hat on was quite a struggle but with some help it was sorted ..... well sort off.

So when this gallant band finished helping Pam get dressed we returned to the main tasks of the day.

Work started on swapping bogies under the new P'Way carriage.

 When we got the bogie under the carriage we found that the centre bolster was out of line by about 2 inches and trapped by the pressure of the springs.

After much inventive thinking the weight of the carriage body was used to compress the springs and the set of rollers used to allow us some movement. The major part of the body weight still being on the carriage jacks. The bolster was then cranked across the 2 inches needed. The body raised the rollers and block removed and the body re-lowered spot on and into position.

Then it was on to an investigation of the bearing on a flat wagon. After inspection it was decided further work will be needed later in the winter to resolve the issue.

An early call from Toddington informed us the brakes were sticking on the RMB in the maroon rake.

Andy gave us details as the train passed.

Richard Johnson and Ian, with tools, boarded the train and fixed the problem while the loco ran round at Cheltenham.

Ken resumed work on the corridor connection from 25451. Here bolting the replacement arm into place.

Moving into the workshop John Squires

and James set about making plates and welding up the north end of 25451 now that Nick has finished the crash pillar repairs.

By the end of the day this plate was in place.

Andy was making sure the metal work that will be hidden when the repairs are done was all fully cleaned up and protected with red oxide etc.

Further alond the carriage George, Malcolm and I made more progress with sanding filling and undercoating various sections of the side.

We need to have a careful check and decide which windows will have to be removed for body repairs to be carried out.

It could be as many as 6 from 8 on the Malvern side!

At the other end of the workshop Malcolm continued the clean up of the recently obtained vacuum cylinder.

Into the paintpshop and I was removing the old glue from the drivers door of the DMU. This was another section where the original Formica had been covered a new sheet being glued to it.

A little white spirit softens the old glue and can be scrapped off.

 Alex spent much of the day cleaning up the small ali strips that cover the joins in the ceiling. Pam. now out of the snowman's outfit was doing much the same.

They then had to screw them back on.

Jim worked his way round the drivers cab rubbing down paintwork ready for new paint.

Derek removed the old foot steps that have been condemned

while Steve completed the ceiling trim in the parcels area

before sorting the Malvern side Guard's door and the floor mounted door stop.

We still need to re apply the horse hair draught strip to the bottom of the door!

 New racking being erected in the store/cloak room.

and the continuing saga of the DMU seat continued in the upholstery shop

Jenny sewing.

John and Penny, out of shot, preparing and covering seats

while Dave removed yet more old staples!

We really are getting towards the end of them.

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