Monday, 21 December 2015

Saturday - sorting Odds and Ends

 A day of sorting some details out for the 20 plus volunteers who arrived today.

For the upholstery team it was staring on the final few DMU seats. As usual Penny sewing with the big curved needle

and for a change Jenny was assisting Dave removing staples and the old seat cover.

As the DMU work exterior work is winding down so work on SO 25451 is picking up.

George working on the Malvern side

while I tackled the Cotswold side.

A coat of grey primer helps see there more work is needed having done a lot of preparatory filling etc. in this area.

With a lot to do on some of the windows there is no point in getting to far ahead of ourselves on the upper body panelling.

 Andy removing rusted section by a window corner on the Malvern side. At least 5 of the 8 windows on this side will need serious attention.

John Squires cutting a replacement window corner section to go back in.

Now an End bit the door to the drivers compartment on the DMU being painted orange. The original Formica being badly scored.

And end bit this time Alex painting inside the Drivers end of the DMU.

Ainsley was doing the Guard's end.

Andy refitted most of the luggage racks.

all except this one at the Guard's end where the bolts we have don't even vaguely fit.Very Odd.

The team work on the end of SO25451 continued

with variously Myself, Andy, Derek and John Squires prepared or finished of the metal work

while between us James nipped in and did the welding.

The number of holes left in the end are rapidly reducing.

In the barn and at time over the pit in the yard work on the bogies for FK 13337 'Gillian' was in full swing. The bogies have been riding a bit high so the job is the adjust the ride height downwards.

Adjustments to the secondary have not produced enough adjustment so the primary springing has to be dismantled. John Hamer working on freeing the retaining bolts

and latter Ken removing the remains of the split pins that had to be cut off as they wouldn't come out.

That's one big bolt in the vice.

And the end of the blog today is also the end of the WW 2 van. Richard has started on th3 top coat of Olive drab, a much nicer colour than it sounds. This corner will be rebuilt Tuesday

The department is open right through the holiday period as normal with the exception of Boxing Day.

However, the blog is having a little rest, I wish, until after Christmas as the grandson are coming to stay!!!

A VERY Happy Christmas to you all!
We will be back with a catch up summary just after Christmas.



Martin said...

Many thanks to Peter and Dave for the regular issues of the blog from a distant, and not too frequent member of the team. I'm missing my regular fix of work in C&W and the blog makes up in a small way for this. It's very highly appreciated, perhaps much more that you realise. Have a very Happy Christmas and a well deserved rest from blogging. I'll be up between Christmas and the New Year for the Christmas Cracker and I'll drop in to see as many of you as there are around.

Richard said...

Well said Martin. Peter & Dave not only give up their time in the work\paint shops but also keep this blog interesting, informative and live. We have only to see how many views it gets to appreciate how popular it is. Well done to both of you.