Sunday, 13 December 2015

Saturday - Progress all round

With a good number in again today despite a bitter wind progress was extensive. 

Hats off to the |P'Way gang working out in the yard!

Richard Stone continued the restoration of the goods van today. This van has now been designated for use by the War in the Cotswold group. As a result the colour scheme has been modified  The exterior is a dark grey.

while the interior with be executive grey. (it always seems to have a slight green tint to it)

The planks now turned over and the interior paint applied by Richard.



Two more windows were taken out of the carriage today both from the Malvern side which seems to be in a much worse state than the Cotswold side.

Ian drilling out the rivets.

Another surprise from this definitely not standard carriage. One of the window frames was in two parts presumably from a previous repair.

Note the rivet holes have all been drilled at least twice on the lower section of frame.

It did make cleaning up the frame somewhat easier for Andy.

but no easier at all for Richard cleaning up the glass.

No we don't use WD40 as a window cleaner. It just happened to be on the bench.

With the test wood strips now varnished a final trial fit before the glass goes back in.

Also working on 25451 was John Squires, here using the plasma cutter to make another steel patch for the end repair work.

and here preparing the hole for it to go in ready for welding 

and with Andy cutting out other sections.

James was kept busy as he followed on close behind doing the welding.

On Wednesday Richard Drewitt came in and started on the clean up of the water tank frames for the boiler van. Today I carried that on and got a coat of red-oxide applied.

The DMU.

Bob painted the final large section of the DMU today with just a couple of small section needing an additional top coat later.

He then turned his attention to the drivers cab ceiling.

Steve started the day replacing the wooden mount block for one of the guards doors. The old one was split in half.

He then started on the long job of replacing all the door trim rubber.

Paul was completing the final sections of the ali ceiling strips.

As expected the final piece was going back in the wrong place and didn't fit. It was soon adjusted and the job completed.

Another job completed was the overhaul of the vacuum cylinder.

Kevin and Ken have done a grand job on it and today here Andy and Ian look and listen for any loss of vacuum after Richard Johnson had fitted some new seals. With it all working its just reassembly and a coat of paint to finish the job.

Dave was completing the prep of the drivers compartment door for the DMU.


2B or not 2B.? I don't know about this seat back that Dave is stapling.

Or this one that Jenny and John are removing the old head rest foam from

but this definitely the foam for seat 2B that Penny is preparing.

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mike slipper said...

It is a super job you all do up there in winchcombe the blog is much appreciated.