Sunday, 13 December 2015

A window on the work

Report by Dave Clark

With 26 in today, it was somewhat busy and the Mess Room was almost filled again!

SK 25451 in the Workshop was attraction a lot of attention. Pat and Tony Barnard were cleaning up more sliders, now being removed from the Malvern side of the coach. Pat later undercoated these in the Paintshop.

Later in the day Ron was varnishing the replacement inner sections of window frame. As can be seen by the number being done, quite a few of the originals need replacing.

Each window has a set of 4 window trims.

In the workshop Ken is drilling holes in a new piece based on the existing pattern.

In the Paintshop Robin is varnishing another of the compartment doors from 25451. This coach is going to look quite something when we have completed it.

Apparently a regular blog reader bumped into Malcolm Dickson and said, "You are the roof chap". However, today he's scraping all the mucky residue from underneath the sole bar of 25451 and proves that he doesn't just do roofs.

Lots of other jobs were going on in the Workshop. John Varley uses the folding machine to create another of the internal drain channels which fit inside the base of the coach doors.

An original channel with a growing number of primed replacements.

Kevin was cleaning up the inner piston of the recently acquired vacuum cylinder, now looking a lot better than when it was initially stripped down.

The second top coating of DMU 51360 was almost completed today with Richard Hoy and Cheryl initially on the Cotswold side, before joining Adrian, who was painting the Malvern side.

Inside the cab Jeff almost completed the light grey undercoating,

While Ainsley has been doing some excellent work in the Guards/Luggage compartment as can be seen, with top coating now going on where possible. There are still some parts to be sorted out, such as new door seals, some missing panelling, etc.

John Hamer is attaching some tester pieces of wood frame to the window that was taken out yesterday.

25451 was originally build with flush fitting windows and frames were fitted later as a modification.

This carriage seems to be an early modification, the carriage window cut outs are only roughly modified. That means we will have to remove several window frames to repair the carriage sides.
The wood frame is a 'tester set' as the modified window frame is actually smaller that the later ones fitted from new. Our normal stock replacements are to large.

Inside 25451, with more sliders removed, Tony continues cleaning up the insides of the window frames.

The sanding down of the interior is progressing very well with Alan now cleaning up the south end compartments.

In the large passenger compartment of the DMU Maurice took over the replacement of the cleaned-up ceiling strips.

In the store/cloak room Robin applies a dark green emulsion to the lower section of the new clothes rail wall. With the coat hooks now in place, it must be about ready for use - we await Paul's go-ahead!

Finally, with all the repainting complete, we used a sand impregnated paint of the floor for grip, the repaired Toddington wheelchair ramp is ready to go back.

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