Monday, 14 December 2015

Monday - Henry's Away Day

Report by Roger Bush.

The Carriage Cleaning has continued all through the season of course with, we hope, the exterior of the carriages looking much better this year after considerable effort from the team. 
Today there were 9 of us in and only 10 carriages to clean (the others are locked out of use for Santa trains) and by tea break it was almost all done.  So 4 of the gang decided it was a chance to check out the DMU which sadly does not get cleaned as we do not have enough volunteers to include this as we would like to do. 
Before we started we had been very impressed with the Christmas decorations which greet the visitor as they make their way to the Santa trains, as you can see in the picture.

First viewing confirmed it was a good decision!  Most of the unit could be cleaned by hand brushing, sweeping and window cleaning but the first class section with carpet was another matter!  Send for Henry!  A quick check for the basics – is there an electric supply?  Yes!  Is there a vacuum cleaner on the DMU – yes, but we thought our Henry was a better bet. 
So Henry’s best friend, Phil Hooton, volunteered to go all the way back to the far end of platform 1 to get him and a cable reel and bring them to the DMU siding.  He did a great job, well worth the effort. 
Hopefully Santa will appreciate it this weekend as he lives in here before going to see the children on board.

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