Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Tuesday and Wednesday- the present we didn't want

Come Christmas there are presents you love and sometimes one you rather wish you hadn't got.

Such was our findings of the last couple of days. with good weather on Tuesday we could have done without Wednesday's.

In the barn wasn't much brighter. Ken has put in a great effort with the primary spring mounting on the south end bogie under FK13337 'Gillian' finally getting the bolts and nuts free as required.

Having freed everything up and removed the Cotswold side springs one was found to be broken. Enquires have revealed it's an 8 week wait for a new one.

So Ken kept going with the clean up and repaint of what we can do. It was 1.5 days to get the spring carrier apart now we shall have to temporarily put it back together then dismantle it all again when the new spring does arrive. At least it should be quicker next time.

The DMU carriage W51360 is just about ready to be shunted out.

Now with its numbering and lettering in place.

The final jobs before it goes out on Saturday are some more door edging rubbers fitted by Steve.

Adrian tidying up some door edges. He got to do some on Tuesday and Wednesday having to open the last tin of the 'Rail Blue' paint!

Clive removing surplus paint from windows.

The winter shutdown work will take over on Saturday until early March. During the closed season we have to get as much work as possible done on the main rake. Currently its the only real opportunity we get to work on it beyond the regular maintenance. This year the maintenance team seem to have a long list of jobs identified for us! We start with BSO9000 which will come straight into the paintshop replacing the DMU which will go out into the yard until early March.

There will also be some impact on the other work currently happening. However, it is hoped to keep things moving forward on many fronts.

25451 will remain in the workshop. The main focus at the moment for the carriage is the north end welding and the windows. Sanding and general prep is still happening on the body panels.

This carried on both Tuesday and Wednesday after some filling and sanding and some more grey primer. I did get some undercoat madder on round some of the slider window openings. I know its way ahead of the rest of the carriage but it will allow us to get the sliders back in and finished more easily.

Richard Stone with some assistance from Richard Hoy continued the WW2 wagon painting.

Richard Stone has now removed the second section of side panelling painted it.

The upholstery shop will be relatively unaffected by the close down. The change for them will be the fact that they will soon have finished the second class DMU seats.

Here John Hughes and Dave Dron start on the first of the first class single seats.

John Hill and the team are now down to the last 7 second class seats.

Penny moves another completed seat base to the holding area ready for Stuart to collect.

Dave starting to do the base cover for the first class seat. There are 10 of them.

In the woodwork shop Eddie has been restoring the track circuit display board for Toddington signal box.

If you follow the P'Way photo stream you will know the track layout has changed so the board must also change, While S&T do that a quick refurbishment was also in order.

Paul was working on another new door panel this of 25451.

The door are in good order but the panelling in not so much of it will be replaced.

Many thanks to Richard Stone for the Tuesday pictures in this posting.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Saturday - sorting Odds and Ends

 A day of sorting some details out for the 20 plus volunteers who arrived today.

For the upholstery team it was staring on the final few DMU seats. As usual Penny sewing with the big curved needle

and for a change Jenny was assisting Dave removing staples and the old seat cover.

As the DMU work exterior work is winding down so work on SO 25451 is picking up.

George working on the Malvern side

while I tackled the Cotswold side.

A coat of grey primer helps see there more work is needed having done a lot of preparatory filling etc. in this area.

With a lot to do on some of the windows there is no point in getting to far ahead of ourselves on the upper body panelling.

 Andy removing rusted section by a window corner on the Malvern side. At least 5 of the 8 windows on this side will need serious attention.

John Squires cutting a replacement window corner section to go back in.

Now an End bit the door to the drivers compartment on the DMU being painted orange. The original Formica being badly scored.

And end bit this time Alex painting inside the Drivers end of the DMU.

Ainsley was doing the Guard's end.

Andy refitted most of the luggage racks.

all except this one at the Guard's end where the bolts we have don't even vaguely fit.Very Odd.

The team work on the end of SO25451 continued

with variously Myself, Andy, Derek and John Squires prepared or finished of the metal work

while between us James nipped in and did the welding.

The number of holes left in the end are rapidly reducing.

In the barn and at time over the pit in the yard work on the bogies for FK 13337 'Gillian' was in full swing. The bogies have been riding a bit high so the job is the adjust the ride height downwards.

Adjustments to the secondary have not produced enough adjustment so the primary springing has to be dismantled. John Hamer working on freeing the retaining bolts

and latter Ken removing the remains of the split pins that had to be cut off as they wouldn't come out.

That's one big bolt in the vice.

And the end of the blog today is also the end of the WW 2 van. Richard has started on th3 top coat of Olive drab, a much nicer colour than it sounds. This corner will be rebuilt Tuesday

The department is open right through the holiday period as normal with the exception of Boxing Day.

However, the blog is having a little rest, I wish, until after Christmas as the grandson are coming to stay!!!

A VERY Happy Christmas to you all!
We will be back with a catch up summary just after Christmas.


Friday, 18 December 2015

Thursday - Bits going back

      Report by Dave Clark

Another very good day with 23 in.

On arrival at the Works the sound of a vacuum cleaner and chairs being moved around turned out to be Cheryl giving the Mess Room a good tidy up.

During the day there was a big shunt to get some more currently unrequired vehicles on the Cotswold side back road.

That enabled us to bring the boiler van closer to the Works, and replace PWay's new stores coach with FK 13337 "Gillian" to enable the suspension to be set to the correct level.

With the boiler van in place the job was to manhandle the old rusty and very heavy sections of water tank
onto the blue truck. Take them round to the front yard, where Neil with the tele-handler kindly placed them onto the ground.

In the Workshop, the emphasis for the Indoor Gang was SK 25451's windows . With, another new toy, the special suction pads in place Roger carefully places another window from SK 25451 on to the bench ready for cleaning.

while Pat start cleaning the now vacant frame.

Alan lines up yet another old section of internal wood frame with a new piece ready for drilling matching holes in the latter.

Inside the coach Alan and Ron are positioning one of the new prepared and varnished base sections.

Ken removes the excess sealant from the window reinstated yesterday.

25451 wasn't the only vehicle having parts reinstated.
In the Paintshop Jeff begins cleaning up the luggage racks ready to go back into the DMU

while Maurice bolts, them back on.

Cheryl completes the second top coating on the internal window frames on the Malvern side doors of the DMU.


Jim added the third top coat to the front of the DMU.

At the north end Martin applied the black heat-resistant paint to the exhaust pipework.
The inside of the cab was given another top coat in light grey by Bob. The Guards compartment was also part top coated by Jim and later myself.

Dave Hancox and myself attached the new footboards around the vehicle.

Pete completed the cleaning up of the passenger side of the drivers cab door. The (unfortunately) scored Formica either side of the window, as well as the wood blind box above, were later painted in undercoat cream. These will be top coated with the tan-coloured paint used for our Mk1 corridor end doors, which should blend in nicely with the existing Formica and woodwork when varnished.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wednesday - New toys for Christmas

18 volunteers attended C&W today enabling a wide range of progress to be achieved.

As we have expanded into our new facilities over the last 2 years we have been doing a wider and wider range of job. So we recently had a little review of our tools. Some we just need more off due to the increase in volunteers attending on any one day. Other it was time to upgrade to better ones. Such was the case for our pop riveters.

So putting the first of the windows back into 25451 was an ideal time to try out the new compressed air riveter. John Hamer, pictured, soon had the window refitted and He, Ken and I had lifted it back into position. The glass had been pre-fitted on the bench. Its easier even if it does make the frame heavy to lift into place.

Also heavy are vacuum cylinders. This one, new to us, has been cleaned, overhauled and reassembled. As a final test it was left hanging in the workshop all morning. It didn't  move thus proving the quality of the vacuum. Any leaks and it would have descended to the floor.

Looking almost as good as new the DMU car is in its final stages of exterior painting.

Trevor  painting the sole bar

Russ painting steps

Des painting a colour chart

the various connection are all different colours as standard.

Maurice cleaned up, sanded

and undercoated the Destination blind box.

The upholstery team have completed some new seats to go back in the Green DMU

but are now on the old seats. Penny finishing a seat base cushion ready for covering.

The last of the old spring being repaired by Dave

John putting the cover on another seat back.

To complete the set I gather we are going to have to make a couple more from scratch.

The door team, here Paul marking up a window side bar for cutting to length. A door from 25451.

and Mike on another 35451 door is positioning the vertical window catch having repaired the wood section.

and Colin, on the move, ready to glue a new door frame together. We now have four ready to use on the BSK. We know at least 3 of its 14 doors new frames.

Looking probably better than the original, the planking for the WW2 goods van in its Olive Drab livery drying after its second top coat by Richard.

Just stating a long haul to restoration a water tank carrier for the Boiler van gets a final de-rust clean and a coat of red oxide from Ralph ready to be taken out to the van.

A major exercise will be to finish removing the old rusted tanks first.

Finally out in the gloom of the barn Craig was sorting out the door frame of door 4 of 3132. It revealed a bit more welding is required before we can put new wood in place.

Also in the barn I did some sanding and filling on the P'Way's new storage van. Another carriage where the work will tick away in background.