Sunday, 1 November 2015

Well Done the Maintenance Team

Indeed a big Well Done to the Maintenance Team.

When the DMU centre car came in it was with a note about a leaking water tank.

So by way of investigation we filled it. While there was a little water spread inside there was no constant drip we left the tank filled the entire time the carriage was in the workshop everything was still dry.

It appeared the over filling of the tank initially comes out of the breather pipe on the roof then the filler pipe on the other side of the carriage.

There were obvious large holes in the roof round both the filler point and the breather pipe. So we filled them thus preventing any over fill of the tank coming back in the holes.

However, when the carriage returned to service it again showed signs of an internal leak.

Call in the maintenance team!!!

Maintenance Report from John Appleton.

We had a very interesting afternoon investigating the plumbing on this vehicle.

We found a number of problems.

Firstly, there are at least two and possibly three leaks from the cistern on the Malvern side WC.  These are from the connections of the pipes where they enter the cistern.  All the joints were tight and we did not dare trying to tighten further for risk of causing damage.  It needs to be taken apart and reassembled.
(that's why the feeder stop cock was virtually turned off and the tank took so long to fill)

More significantly, we took the ceiling in the corridor down.  Everything was dry, but it was clear that this compartment had been subject to a high degree of moisture over a prolonged period, resulting in considerable corrosion to the metalwork and there was indications of fungal decay to woodwork.  This was particularly in the area where I had seem water dripping from the ceiling on Tuesday.

We then filled the tanks again.

We found no problems apart from the leakage on the cistern until the tanks were full.  At this point water flowed from the filler boss on the roof and from what appears to be an overflow (breather pipe) on the roof before the opposite side filler pipe stated to discharge as mark 1 vehicles normally do.
Interestingly, sections have been cut from the gutter sides on the coach below the filler boss which allows the water flowing out of the boss and overflow when the tanks are full to run down the sides of the coach.  These sections appear to have been removed after the vehicles where built.

Then more significantly we found a drip then formed from the vent/overflow pipe on the Malvern side WC cistern.  This was clearly the cause of the water dripping from the ceiling last Tuesday. Further investigation found a split about 10mm long in the pipe which we think is the result of frost damage and possibly the cause of the long term problem of high moisture levels in this compartment.

We have done a temporary repair which seemed to be holding.  Hopefully this will prevent further leakage until a permanent repair can be carried out.
Well done team.

Addendum to Spooky Saturday.
The missing picture of Richard removing the sides of the stores van was on Dave's camera. He has sent it on to me

along with one of Andy doing some major adjustment to a door on the blue DMU.

This along with  couple of others was never going to shut properly with out the removal of a some metal. The issue is to remove enough to get a coat of paint back on as well as getting the door to shut.

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Ken said...

"All the joints were tight and we did not dare trying to tighten further for risk of causing damage. It needs to be taken apart and reassembled."

John. Try re-making the joints using Fernox LS-X.

There is a tube in my drawer if you are passing. It ain't cheap and you don't need a lot - but it does work.