Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Wednesday - Wondering

 The first thing you have to do is identify what these are.

then tell me which one the pea in under.

Slightly less difficult but not a lot is the request on this note attached to a seat from the current DMU that we are working on.

'Repair wanted NOT RECOVERING'

As its the side seam of the seat that has ripped open this is not easy. John may have to undo it to get a patch of material underneath to sew onto then recover it with the repaired cover.

This seat was a little easier but again not a lot. The sprung steel frame work was very twisted and way out of square. John has managed to straighten it out and is here re-applying it to the seat frame.

We use old moquette to act as padding and soften the feel of the seat it also helps to save on new canvass.

We have still used 200 metres of canvass and 150 metres of moquette on the current DMU seat refurbishments!

We haven't counted the staples.

Paul continued the FO door restoration

while Craig went up to Toddington to investigate a door issue on the main rake.

Richard Stone was measuring up and cutting the new floor base of the Tool van.

while I did some filling and sanding on 25451 and Ralph worked on the disabled ramp restoration.

John Hamer in varying light during the day progressed the second bogie from the RMB.

Jack it up springs out spacers out and cleaned and painted in red oxide. Tomorrow he gets to reverse the process and put it all back together again.

It is easier the bolts have all be cleaned up by Ken and there won't be the fight with rusted in split pins. Ken also finished the preparations for the removal of the corridor connection from the north end of 25451. There is another surprising picture to come from that when we can get it off.

Finally the Sanders fillers and painters on the DMU called time on their first two jobs, cleaned up and got the brushes out.


Russ, Trevor

and Des all at work in the parcels area. Undercoat grey.

There's more space in a lunar module.

And the secret of the first picture?

There isn't a pea.

I will try and remember to take a picture of the assembled yellow item tomorrow. If we manage to get it repaired.

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