Friday, 13 November 2015

Wednesday - Doors

Today was dominated by doors with most but not all the tasks being related to them.

Only a couple of people were not involved in one way or another. Nick  was welding a variety of things

The new plywood panel rack

The disabled ramp from Toddington. This was the closest he got to door work.  The nearside handle had rusted and come off. So Nick made a new one.

The ramp will get a complete coat of paint while its with us.

The final task for n\ick was to close the gap. This seat is a replacement but had a broken handle that wouldn't come off by conventional means. So it was cut and a replacement, we don't have new ones, was welded in.

So to the doors.

Dave Ward and Eddie made the first of the new wagon doors.

Trevor and Des along with Richard were working on the guards area of the DMU 6 doors to deal with here.

Ainsley tackled the inside of one from the out side. Well the internal space was getting crowded.

The upholstery team you may think would get away with out door issues.

John Hill practicing the carving ready for Christmas. Electric carving knives work best for cutting foam.

Dave and Penny preparing another seat inner covering

and later Penny helping John to fit a an outer Moquette cover.

They were  just heading out of the door for home as Stuart turned up

with the rest of the seats to be recovered.

They had only just told me they had run out!

Paul working on the first of the doors from 25451.

while in the DMU the wood trim was stripped of old varnish from a partition door.

Steve avoided doors by got stuck into replacing a section of ceiling, oh for longer arms sometimes.

Aother delivery today the next paint order
and some sanding belts acquired from the Toddington Skip by Stuart.

Cut up they will do a nicely for a lot of our sanding jobs.

Out in the barn John Hamer was well underway with the checks of the bogies under the maroon rake.
They are all being checked and adjusted were needed over the next few weeks.

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