Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tuesday & Wednesday

 Having arrived just behind the lorry I knew there was some bogie manouvers in hand. The first job to spin this one round so that the pulley wheel was at the right end of our needs. Then it was load two others for transfer to Bristol for the wheel sets to be turned.

The DMU was again being worked on end to end. Robbie cleaning up the buffers at the front

while Pam was working on the back end. Not an easy spot to get at behind the exhuast pipes from the engines.

Dave preparing yet another set back for the DMU!

While Vivian was busy on the sewing machine

and John Hughes removed the old staples from the next seat.

The half filled marg tub, a sign of a good days effort.

The art of C&W is to keep work moving forward on as many fronts as possible.

You a) don't keep fall over each other
       b) can see what you have done
       c) see some progress where ever you look.    

So Richard started painting the roof at the other end  and handed over to (? I'm not sure who it was) to finish at this end.

Pete Holt from the maintenance gang was in working of a standardised kit to do any quick water cistern changes required on the carriages while in service.

Caught at last actually doing something. Here I am preparing the base of a crash pillar on 25451 ready for welding.

I presume this pile of wood planking is for the good van, but I'm not sure. Either way Keith is doing the honours.

Richard Hoy painting in the cupboard of the parcel area on the DMU.

The insulation, from our stock, for the side walls all laid out ready to fit.

There was a lot of other final prep work going on around the DMU. The intention is to get as much as possible done before we start on the exterior painting.


The DMU work finally returned to paining again with the ceiling getting a wash down from Russ

Adrain painting

Trevor at the other end.

Ainsley stuck to the guard and parcels area

With the wood planks having dried over night Maurice was busy priming the other side

and later sorting out some filling along the skirt line of 25451.

Richard was back on the tool van cleaning up the door bracing and hinges.

That was after helping with a bit of hand shunting.

Put 2 bogies out and shove 2 more back underneath the carriage.

Then while John checks all the ride heights Ken did a bit of quick maintenance installing a new foot step. Just waiting for the paint to dry.

On the other side Richard Bates from the maintenance team replaced the battery charger.

It being a different size to the original it needed a new box as well.

A little early I know so its perhaps no surprise that this spring is now sprung.

Another one for Dave to replace.

Yes it really is a different seat from yesterdays. the process is the same again.

John shows yet again why he should carve the turkey. A perfect fit.

Another day to be nice to Penny the curved needle really would hurt. Another DMU seat base.

My prep work finished and Nick was straight on with welding in two new sections of crash pillar.

This does make it clear why you never get close to the welders! I was actually standing beside the carriage. Long arms help. Maybe I should get a selfie stick!.

It was good to see Derrick back in today after his knee operation. He is going to do some door documentation work for us at home.

Door 4 from FO 3132 ready to go back on.

We cleaned it up and undercoated it before it came into the woodwork shop.

Craig cleaned up the reground the hinge mount points ready for the door to go back on.

With the area clear we took another door of 25451. Oh dear. This is the first time we have come across rot in the top of a door frame. Its not so unusual in the bottom.

A new frame section will be needed.

 Tony continued his window slider challenge These 4 and the four on the other side of the paint table out of sight take shim to the half way mark.

The carpenters are working on the doors for the Good van Chris Rogers rounding an edge off.

Just to show his brother/brother in law he really does do some work.

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Dave Clark said...

The rebated wooden planking that is being primed will form the skirting in the passenger compartments of the DMU power unit 51360.