Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Tuesday & Wednesday

Another double header report.

I was in Tuesday to meet up with Kevin as he joined us in C&W which was handy as I passed on my one seat frame for the day to him

while I went up top to start on the painting of 25451's roof. The high build black an indicator that this carriage is going out in Maroon.

Dave took time out from the sand and filling prep work on the DMU to apply another coat of under coat to a wood section this time for  the goods van.

At last the first external panels have been passed for undercoating. Dave wiping down the sides ready to start.

Richard was soon in action with the paint brush.

The first section complete in the dark grey undercoat we are using.

However, on the other side Ainsley was still on the prep

and inside Dennis was still working away cleaning up the window woodwork.

Having waved goodbye to the ballast plough as Neil took it away

Richard was getting stuck into the goods van again. removing the rotten Malvern side planking.

There was only one place for the old planking. Its a rubbish job and this was about the third load Richard took out.

The ballast plough isn't going to stand around for long.

By the close of the day it was already hitched up  with the ballast wagons ready for Wednesday's P'Way action.


Dave Ward started on the new planking for the Malvern side.

While Ainsley late in the day started the undercoating of the next set of planks. 

Dave and Eddie also did an initial offer up of the first of the new doors.

Continuing the door theme Paul was fitting a new foot bar to door 4 from 3132

while Clive, trying to stay ahead of the game, was making yet another one

Craig and Mike rehung door 5 although unfortunately having got the door back to the vertical a couple of little niggles that will need fixing revealed themselves

With the workbench clear we removed door 1 from 25451 and Tony got it all cleaned up before we took it into the door team area.

It should be a quick turn round on this door as its in pretty good shape, just servicing and some minor panel work.

More door work on the DMU again today but this time painting.

Either the inside window surround or the external skin along with the rest of the Cotswold side. It looks  good in the dark grey.

Our new volunteer of the day Adrian joining the group doing the painting.

We continued the seat frames with both Ralph

and Steve Smith having a go.

In the upholstery shop John Hughes was working on yet another of the DMU seats

as below Dave stripped another and Penny working on the reconstruction side preparing foam padding.

Eddie planning a section of hardwood trim. Yes it is curved about a 28 foot radius!

Nick was representing the metal workers today. Having completed the structural welding of the northern end of FO3132 he started a frame for the wood work team. This one is for plywood storage.

The wood section is actually a very large 90 degree angle. Just checking to make sure the post would be upright when we stand it up.

Out in the barn with a jacks all back in place and the close season upon us John Hamer started on the series of bogie checks This one from 16195
which was up in the air on the jacks while we rolled the bogie for easier access.

Ken continued the cowl renovations today and here was cleaning up the threads from some the larger bogie bolts. They will go back on a lot easier than they came off!

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