Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tuesday - deliveries

With a record 20 volunteers signed into today there was a wide range of activities undertaken.

Richard Stone and Dennis went off to Long Marston on another tank frame recovery exercise.

They came back with the frame and also managed to acquire another water tank for a mk1.

This is from a TSO. we need one for an FO they are different but we may have to make it fit.

These are rather scarce so a great acquisition.

Well done on both counts.

We also had Richard Johnson and Phil in today as the rest of the FO seats were being returned and we wanted to get them straight into the store. This meant a shunt to move the said store, a carriage, into position.

It was just ready when the seats arrived and it was clean hands only to cross load them.

After which Phil made the most of being in by sorting out an electrical problem o the end of 16195 which was actually in the barn for bogie checks and set up.

These were duly carried out by John Hamer and Ken.

Peter Holt of the maintenance gang took the opportunity to lean some more a give a hand

before sorting out a problem with one of the grab handles.

While Richard and Phil were in they took the opportunity to do a buck-eye swap moving one to the storage vehicle and a good one back the other way. Bob and John Hamer were also assisting. I think Bob's face says it all, 'I forgot how heavy those things are!'

Later Bob joined me painting the sides of the roof of 25451.

 Another delivery today and also rather heavy was the supply of timber that arrived for the woodwork team.

In the upholstery department it was stripping more DMU seats

Here John Hughes

and here Dave Dron masking a new wood back piece

while Penny cut the next seat cover out.

There were more comments of we are running out again!

Keith continued with the seat frames we are down to the last 4, one of which needs some welding. A job for tomorrow or Thursday.

The accumulated set of completed seats wait fitting in the background.

Inside the DMU it was day of preparation, not painting.

More filling and rubbing down this time inside the Guard and parcel area.

Dave took to treating the bare metal frame work to some protective red-oxide

While a veritable team continued the stripping of the frame work round windows back to bare wood.

The accumulated layers of paint were looking very lumpy and worn.

You have been framed Richard, a shot through the glass partition.

Cheryl went wide screen.

Another new volunteer today was Robbie who also joined the group.

Having done some of the wood frame work he also removed the luggage racks and panelling at the end of the compartment.

The original wood grain Formica, hidden here by a later grey version, can now be cleaned up. All the old glue has to come off the face of the panel. Once done the original appearance will have been restored.

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