Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Tuesday - Back to normal

Report by Dave Clark

After last Tuesday's exceptional attendance we were back to the more usual 10.

Richard Stone is making great progress with the box van, cleaning up more of the fittings before priming them with red oxide.

Peter Holt, from our Maintenance gang, was in today working on a project to resolve the problem of occasional leaking pipework in the toilet compartments.

Having a single length of pipe between the toilet and cistern not only makes maintenance difficult, the overall rigid structure can also cause problems with broken joint seals should either the cistern or toilet begin to work loose.

An option that has been tried to remedy this is to replace part of the pipe with flexible hose (indicated by the chalk marks above).

Peter's diagram detailing the various aspects of the problem. He is currently looking at the Maroon rake while it is based at Winchcombe.

John Hughes and Vivian were busy in the Upholstery shop working on the latest intake of DMU seats.

Having removed the old seat cover, John has vacuumed up the old powdered foam filling and cleans off some remaining dregs,

 while Vivian begins removing the cover off another seat back.

Keith was back to completing the priming and painting on the last of the cleaned up seat frames for the DMU power car 51360.

Inside 51360 Dennis and Adrian were continuing with the clean up and repairs to the lower ceiling panels in the small passenger compartment.
In the main compartment Robbie continued the removal of the old paint from the door frame into the driving area. All the internal frames have cleaned up very well and will look good with a few coats of varnish.

Ainsley again worked on the guards/luggage compartment doors and interior, filling and sanding where required.

It shouldn't be long now before we can start painting the interior walls and door backs in this part of the car, and complete the exterior painting too.

Inspection of the Malvern side of the car revealed a number of places where more filler was required and, as pictured, a large bubble next to a capping strip was also investigated. Thankfully there was no rust underneath and just filler was required.

With me sanding down all the filled areas, Adrian followed on patch-painting in the dark grey undercoat.

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