Saturday, 7 November 2015

Thursday - Rapidly changing

       Report by Dave Clark

A wet soggy day, but very good attendance with 26 in, which included our Maintenance gang.

With the Maroon set now at Winchcombe for most of November, we have already started on a number of essential jobs. It will be a busy time for our Maintenance gang, and I caught Richard Bates tidying up one of the electrical connections for the coach's lighting system.

With the bogie swap completed on CK 16195, John Hamer uses the powered hydraulic clamp to enable him to adjust the primary springs on the north end bogie and  set the riding level of the coach.

We were very lucky with the weather when a dry spell coincided with the arrival of the re-upholstered seats for FO 3132. The LMS pattern of the moquette looks very good and will make 3132's interior very swish when the seating is eventually re-installed.

Work on SK 25451 continues apace, with Malcolm sanding down another cleared area of roof.

John Varley works on a door frame capping strip from 25451.

While Ken was back repairing corroded roof cowls, cleaning up another new section.

The bases of two cowls, repaired and primed in red oxide.

Robin busy with sanding down seat tops from 25451,

and the results after a fresh coat of varnish..


Tony and Roger sorting out a replacement for a broken section of internal window frame.

Another toilet compartment in 25451 in the process of being stripped out.

Inside one of the compartments Alan sands down the faded veneer ready for fresh coats of varnish.

 The new area of the Workshop designated for storing items from 25451 was given a good clean up by Paul.

The box van rebuild is also continuing apace with Richard Stone positioning the new planking on the Malvern side, south end. This van is going to be used by the "Wartime in the Cotswolds" group and may even be painted in a colour scheme to suit.


On the Paintshop trestles, replacement steps for the blue DMU car and more planking for the box van were primed, initially by Michael and later by Robin.

 The Blue DMU power car is rapidly changing colour as Alex adds the lovely dark grey undercoat to the Cotswold side end section.  It's amazing the number of nice comments made about this colour by quite a few of our staff. It provided an excellent base for the green top coat of the DMU centre car, and looks to be the same for the Rail Blue top coat when that goes on.

With the Cotswold side almost completed, Jeff starts on the Malvern side at the south end.

While Richard Hoy and Cheryl do a final bit of filling and sanding prior to painting the middle sections.


The upper section of the north end still needed some cleaning up and priming, so it was up on the scaffold tower to get the job done. By the end of the day most of this was also in grey undercoat, but I didn't have the heart to paint over the remaining bit of the original BR Green that had survived under the connection bellows.

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