Friday, 13 November 2015

Thursday - pottering

Another good turn out with today with all our recent volunteers coming back for more.

It shouldn't really be a surprise but its always a slight relief!

These days we turn out the carriages a little quicker than we did but we do a much more thorough job on each one thanks to the growing skills base of our volunteers.

Robin was on seat frame painting when I arrived, somewhat late.

I completed the seat frames rubbing down on the penultimate seat. That now awaits painting while this the repaired seat frame is the final one.

 I got some work done on it but its not ready for painting yet.

Almost keeping pace at the other end of the paintshop is Paul who is working his way, solo, through the actual seats doing a shampoo and brush up on all of them.

None of these are being recovered at present, although one does need a bit of repair work.

Work inside continues at speed with all the seats out of the way.

The current task is to clean off and prepare for painting the band of panels just above the luggage racks.

Bod and

Tony with Dave out of shot all hard at it

while Pete Lucas continued the varnish removal from the window frames.

These have come up so well that we are intending to re-varnish rather than repaint them.

FO 3132 may be relegated to the barn at present but its not totally forgotten.

Ken and Malcolm completed the south end corridor connection overhaul.

Subsequent to this picture it has returned to the vertical ready fore refitting.

Ken has started but needs to complete the replacement of the wood sections.

They always say its the last one the is the problem.

The group of interior fitters have been stripping out various bits of 25451. The toilet walls have had to come out for welding to be carried out.

Here for Ron it was really true. He had removed all the other air vents in 25451 for washing. This really was the last one and two of the screws refused to let go. Persistence won out in the end.

We were joined today by the maintenance team who carrying out the scheduled maintenance and safety checks on the maroon rake. Its much easier for them to do it while the rake is at Winchcombe.

We were also able to discuss and resolve several issues with them.

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Ian B said...

Have you worked out the mystery of the DMU corridor connector yet;-) ?