Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thursday - Maintenance

Now we are is the lull waiting for the Santa specials to start The maintenance team are working out of Winchcombe on Thursdays. Today wasn't kind They still got on with the 'A' Maintenance Check.

Lots of checking, greasing and oiling on a
detailed list. John dealing with one of them. Oil the buffers.

Door locks and handles another check point. This one was loose and for safety was removed until we can sort out why the bottom bolt won't do up properly.

They are a brave lot this puddle was tiny why he arrived.

but they stuck it out. 

Confession I only went out to get the pictures when it had stopped raining!

The tamper was also out down the line another brave band of volunteers.

Stuart came to collect the rest of the DMU seats for fitting up at Toddington.

They were loaded and covered on the front of the truck. Then he collected the repaired seat frame.

Open top coach tour anybody?

Penny and Dave brought Penny Sister and Husband for a visit.

Well where better to go on a soggy day?

Bob arrived with a new pair of overalls. We soon had them sorted out. Help John with the bogie overhaul. More springs and ride heights being checked.

Tony started work on the sliders from 25451. His favourite job.

He even managed to get the first coat of under coat anywhere on the carriage.

'Madder' undercoat, this carriage is going out in maroon.

I spent much of the day sanding and filling on the Cotswold side.

Out in the barn, in between helping Bob and John with the bogies, Ken mounted the rest of the corridor connection woods.

Hopefully they will be able to put the connection back on itself on Saturday. Its already to go.

 Painting inside the DMU was again the order of the day with the first of three coats of white going on the lower ceiling section.

This section was originally brown but not anymore.

Cheryl above

Adrian left

Jim below all hard at it.

Jim did get round to painting but he just had a bit more sanding to do first.

Ainsley stuck to painting the parcel area with a little light sanding were needed.

We decided that a bit more of the 1980's refurbishment Formica had to go.

It was loose and bowing. There was no real way to re-secure it satisfactorily.

Of course we then had to remove the glue. Richard Hoy has it down to a fine art.

 Work was also under way inside 25451. Ron sanding the veneer.

Alan was doing the same in the next compartment.

And finally no pea and sadly no welder today either. so here is the rest of the un-repaired steps.
Yesterday's picture was of the 4 feet from these steps. When assembled correctly the work rather like the library steps. No weight you can move them around on the castor's step on and the feet come down for a secure base.

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