Monday, 23 November 2015

Saturday - Hot and cold

    Report by Dave Clark

We had 22 in attendance on a sunny but very cold day with a cutting north wind. It was nice and cozy in the Paintshop building, but a very different world in the Barn and outside.

It was also another New Volunteers day, with another large group being given a tour of the Works.

A busy day outside with more bogie movements, including getting another pair ready for sending off for tyre turning.

A general discussion about the next set of moves. Later in the day, we started to put the maroon set back together.

The Christmas decorations gang are already busy inside the coaches getting everything ready for the Santa Specials which start this coming weekend.

In the Workshop, Richard Stone is treating some of the floor level timber for the box van with preservative.

The previously reported repair of our yellow steps took another step (ooooh - sorry about that!) forward with John Squires cleaning up the centre pins of the cupped feet.

The work on the badly corroded north end of SK 25451 continues as James battles some resisting nuts to remove the step on the left hand side.

Later in the day, with the step now removed, the extent of the cut out panelling can be seen.

As expected the bottoms of the crash pillars, and possibly even the underlying parts of the base plate, will also need replacing.

George doing a heroic job of seemingly endless sanding on the sides of the coach.

It is essential that we keep the momentum going on the coach as there is so much else going on with the blue power car, the FO 3132's restoration, and all the maintenance work on the various coaches from the Maroon rake.

Andy Turner using one of the excellent storage bins to keep safe some parts of 25451's north end corridor connection.

While Andy is busy in the Workshop, his wife Jenny and John Hill are measuring out sections of foam sheeting ready for some more DMU seat refurbishment.

In the Paintshop Paul Wood cleans the latest set of returned seats that had been borrowed from the blue power car 51360. On the trestle tables behind are revarnished parts from SK 25451, and the cleaned and undercoated sliders from FO 3132.

Eddy using the multi-planer to produce some more replacement window frames for 51360 and the two Mk 1s.

 Inside 51360 Steve is positioning wooden blocks onto the centre bars of each panelled section which will be used for fixing the new veneer.

The pile of rebated wood planking that Steve will attach to provide the base of each panelled area - all these will need priming and then painting black.

The guards door on the Malvern side of 51360 was still rubbing, so Paul Ellis got to work with angle grinder and file, even removing some of the underlying wood of the door frame.

With this successfully sorted out he then undercoated the door edges and frame of both this, and the Cotswold side which he is just completing in the photo.

Derek began removing the seals around the many door frames - most are badly worn and will need replacing. Still a way to go with the inside of 51360, but we are getting there, while the outside will soon be ready for top coating.

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