Sunday, 15 November 2015

Saturday - Colour Blind Not Us.

Report by Dave Clark

Starting with the blue dark grey DMU car, concentration was again inside as we aim to get as much of the mucky work as possible out of the way before the serious painting begins. 

Alex, Paul Ellis, Martin and I worked on the small ceiling panels and basically completed the large compartment by the end of the day, while Steve continued with repairing the window surrounds where required. Later on Alex and Paul continued their work in the small compartment.

Meanwhile Richard and Andy reinstated the repaired guard's door on the Malvern side. Andy cleaned up the door catch and replaced the missing panel,

while Richard ran the angle grinder down the door edges to ensure correct closing. 

In the Workshop Richard Stone was busy cleaning up all the fittings on the box van. He really is making a very thorough job on this vehicle.

John Squires, having removed the tank filler pipes on SK 25451, proceeds to rescue the joints where possible as these are not easy to come by.

At the north end of the coach James was removing more of the badly corroded plating ready for some heavy welding.

Another saving on the gym fees! No, not sculling practice!

With John holding the bolt steady, Bob unscrews the retaining nut, one of two holding the keep bar in place on one of the axle boxes on the north end Commonwealth bogie on RMB 1876.

This was repeated on the other three axle boxes.

Then using the heavy jacks, the end of the bogie was raised to enable the axle to drop almost clear of the horn guides.

This in turn enabled the heavy springs and spacer plates to be removed. The latter can then be varied using spares to enable the correct riding level for the coach.

Also in the Barn, with a metal sheet in place to protect the rubber, Ken gently warms some of the nuts before unscrewing them, on the south end corridor connection of FO 3132.

John Hill was on his own in the Upholstery shop today. I arrived just in time to see him fitting one of the moulded sections of foam to a DMU seat back.

What?! The Company Secretary and Head of C&W was also promoted to head of washing up!

Not sure what Richard was muttering but you can probably guess.


mike slipper said...

Such a super blog Dave.

Dave Clark said...

Thank you Mike