Sunday, 8 November 2015

Saturday - And the rain kept on

 Report by Dave Clark

Another wet, soggy day but the full tearoom meant another good crowd in.

Starting off with the DMU power car, Chris sorted out the sticking driving cab door on the Cotswold side enabling it to be undercoated later on.

 While this was going on, Alex was busy undercoating on the Malvern side. The popularity for this colour increases with tongue-in-cheek comments like, "Couldn't we leave it like this and just stick the transfers on?".

At the north end Pam begins cleaning up one of the exhaust pipes. These were later finished by Alex when Pam moved back into the Workshop.

Inside the DMU, Eddie and Steve discuss the best way to attach the new veneer panelling when it arrives.

Some of the metal ribbing and panels under the cladding are quite rusty and as such are being cleaned up and coated in red oxide.

Steve repaired the upper part of the door frame into the guards/luggage compartment on the Cotswold side and sorted out the tight-fitting double doors, before moving into the main compartment to begin ceiling repairs.

Everybody loves her! Ria waits patiently while owner Eddie is in discussion about wood repairs inside SK 25451.

At the north end of the coach John Squires does battle with the removal of the pipework attachments on the roof.


Sorted! John smiles as another obstinate nut is undone from a section of the filler pipework.

 George was back sanding down and removing loose paintwork where he could from 25451. It's very much a case of cleaning up and then seeing if a rusted section is to be replaced or merely treated and filled. 21 years of use since the last refurbishment has certainly made its mark!

Phil sorts out the toilet flush handles from 25451.

Richard Stone cleans up more of the metal framework on the box van ready for priming and fitting the remaining planking.

In the Barn, FK 35308 from the Maroon rake is now up on the jacks for bogie swapping and repairs. With the old north end bogie connected to the 03, on Richard's instruction Phil prepares to move it away.

Other repairs could also be done and Ken replaced both of the toilet vent pipes.


Back to the Upholstery shop to record more of the DMU seat restoration, with Dave dismantling,

John stapling on a new cover,

and Penny attaching the side piece to a new seat cover. They really are doing a fantastic job, though they must be wondering whether it will ever end. The good news is that the north end car in the green DMU is almost finished, leaving just the newly refurbished centre car to do.

Paul cleans the existing seating for the blue DMU power car.


And finally, at the end of a long day, I just couldn't resist trying a bit of the Rail Blue top coat on the dark grey undercoat. The verdict? Perfect!


mike slipper said...

I am confused dave. There are how many dmu' s you are working on. They all appear to require a lot if work but a marvellous effort by all concerned. Good thing you have good cover.

Dave Clark said...

Hi Mike,

Yes, all this probably does get a bit confusing unless you are in C&W or directly associated with the overall plans.

The 3-car green DMU (the current runnung set) was the one from which the centre car was refurbished. The set is of course now back in full form. All the seats so far refurbished are being done for this set. What is confusing is that seats from the Bubblecar and the blue power unit are being "borrowed" to help the flow of seat refurbishment and thus the centre car went back out with a mix of its own seats, some from the north end car, and even some from the Bubblecar. Hopefully within another month or so, all the second class seats in the green DMU set will be re-covered, leaving just the first class section to do. We have the moquette for the main parts of the first class seating - John hill is sorting out a matching moquette for the side panels.

The Bubblecar is still being rebuilt up at the Loco Dept. When finished it will come down to C&W for repainting and other work. Hopefully it will then be available for normal service. I haven't heard of any plans to redo the upholstery but that may all change of course.

This leaves the blue power car which we are currently doing. This was given priority because the south end power car of the green DMU set is currently running on one engine, and occasionally breaks down. The blue unit is a runner and as such it could replace the flakey green unit until the engine problems can be resolved. A blue and two greens will make an interesting mix!

Finally at Toddington there is the recently acquired north-facing power unit that is in faded Strathclyde black and orange. When refurbished it will be painted in blue and we will then have a new two-car blue set. Apparently this is also a runner.

One day, of course, both the south and north power cars of the green set will also be refurbished, but there are no immediate plans for this with so much else to do.

Hope that gives a better overall picture and clears up any confusion.