Sunday, 29 November 2015

Saturday - A hive of activity

Report by Dave Clark

Another large number in and overall we had a very good day with some more excellent progress.

Richard Stone, with help from the Woodwork team, is making a very thorough job of the box van rebuild. With one new door attached, the matching one can be seen on the right ready to be mounted.   Richard is discussing with Eddie what to do about the heavy wooden top sections of the two door frames.

In the end it was decided to make new ones as the originals, one of which is shown, are too worn. The construct of the top section is quite complex, with the various rebates and the holes for both the securing bolts and the heavy iron locking bar.

The "demolition" at the north end of SK 25451 continues apace, with Steve removing the internal wooden framing to enable the required metalwork repairs.

 Underneath the north end John Squires is cutting free the clamps that hold the toilet down pipe.

With the flue pipe sorted out, John returns to the back plating, using a large spirit level to mark a straight edge for tidying up ready for re-plating.

An overall view of the north end of 25451 at the end of the day, with everything removed and a chalked note about the corroded bases of the crash pillars.

George was back again at the general body side filling, sanding and cleaning up.

Eddie busy in the woodwork shop

cutting the rebates in two new door pulls.

Upstairs, John Hill staples new moquette onto the DMU guard's seat.

 Dave was stripping the cover off another DMU seat back.

Penny was on her knees detaching the various parts off a first class seat frame from the DMU centre car.

More shunting and the recently acquired BG (which will be PWay's new storage vehicle) was brought into the Barn to have a bogie change.

While up on the jacks the vacuum cylinder was removed for overhaul. Freeing up that piston was proving to be a trial for Richard and Phil.

Very good progress was made with the blue power car 51360. In the guards/luggage compartment, Steve was putting up the new section of ceiling.

While Phil Jones and Paul Ellis completed the final top coating for the ceilings in the two passenger compartments.

 Top coating of all the door backs of the passenger and driving compartments was done by Clive (in the distance) and Martin.

 While Martin completes the Cotswold side driving cab door, Alex is well into the first coat of yellow on the cab front.

By the end of the day, Alex had gone on to top coat the buffer beam and some of the connections below. When will the first coat of Rail Blue go on? Watch this space!

Our cloakroom and store is beginning to look very smart, with Paul adding yet more emulsion to the walls.

And finally, can this be our Head of C&W and Company Secretary with a mop and bucket? It was "whoops" with a cup of tea, but Richard soon had the floor cleaned and sparkling again.


Friday, 27 November 2015

Thursday - Moving on quickly

Report by Dave Clark

With the first Santa weekend almost upon us, although the maroon rake will not be needed until the following weekend, we still needed to get everything back in one piece ready for transfer back to Toddington,.

Back in the Workshop, the "Interior Gang" were again busy with SK 25451. While Ron was removing more parts from one of the compartments ready for cleaning up,


Tony Baker (and Roger) were sanding down more of the internal veneer.

Outside the coach, Malcolm applied the second top coat to the roof, which is now well advanced.

Peter Holt, from our Maintenance gang, was reattaching pipework to another toilet tank.

We are always happy to help another department. Before getting down to repairing a corridor end U section, John Varley cuts out a piece of sheet metal for Steve Long from the P'Way team.

Our store/cloak room is undergoing its final modifications, with a new rack to hold all the equipment Paul Wood uses for cleaning our refurbished coaches before they leave the Works or loose seats such as those for the DMU units (as recently reported).

Meanwhile the opposite recently-boarded wall was being painted by Robin.

At the end of the Paintshop, while Tony Barnard undercoats the final batch of cleaned-up sliders from SK 25451, Michael primes the final batch of skirting boards for 51360.

At the opposite end, Dave Hancox black glosses the original primed batch of skirting.

It was ceilings and more ceilings for the painting group inside 51360, with Cheryl and Adrian busy in the main compartment, and Richard Hoy in the far compartment.


Jeff did a final sand down of the remaining unpainted guards door and then painted it in the dark grey undercoat.


John Hughes continues the clean up of the driving cab that Keith Lowe started on Tuesday, and by the end of the day parts of it had been undercoated in light grey.

With the exhaust pipework now thoroughly cleaned, Alan Baugh applies green primer.

Later in the day, Adrian, Dave Hancox and myself cleaned up the lower backs of the doors. Top coating the inside window frames on these can now be started.

Found "buried" in the driving cab!

The Vehicle Defect Book

The last fault logged dates back to  2006

We also found an old ticket from Reading but it was to battered to photograph.