Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday - Pick a door, any door

It was a mass attack on the DMU doors today with that hope that tomorrow we will have finished the external prep work and painting can start.

BLUE painting!

Hopefully there will also be a team working on the inside. Today the nearest we got to the interior was a clean up of the air vents and their covers.

Cleaned sanded and later I painted them black.

That was I after I had done my one seat of the day.

The upholstery team did rather more delivering 12 more completed seats to the train and working on more.

The springs and wire mesh carefully checked to make sure they don't poke through and give anyone a nasty surprise.

and later in the process this seats has its new cover stapled in place.

Hopefully Stuart and the maintenance team can get the new seats swapped in and return the old ones for the team to work on.

They are running out of available seats.

The door team were finishing of the 2 doors they currently have for FO3132 before switching to the now higher priority 25451's doors.

Nick cut out the base of last of the crash pillar on FO 3132 along with the rest of the base plate.

By the end of the day he had replaced it all with new metal and it was all painted in a coat of protective red oxide.

After Richard and John's cage fight yesterday to extract the cages for the new water tanks in the boiler van, today Tim came down from the diesel group to help remove the old tanks. Mask goggles and ear defenders were all needed.

The old tanks are now in several sections and after rounding up some muscle the first one is ready to be off loaded.

Richard again joined John but this time working on the spare set of bogies. Here dismantling the brake rigging

while John cleaned up another of the spring bolts.

Having removed 2 air vents from the roof of  25451 I persuaded/challenged Ken to refurbish/make new parts for them.

I had recovered 2 replacements from the store but they weren't a lot better.

In the mean time Malcolm continued with prepping the roof. Loose and flaking paint removed bare patches treated.

While I was on top I swept the accumulated dust off ready for the first coat high build black to go on. This carriage is going out in Maroon.

In the wood work shop Eddie was making new door pillar sections for the DMU. Getting the curvature right is a skill. One that Eddie had definitely got sorted..

While Clive prepared the new wall facing in the changing room and put up, what will be, the much needed new coat rake.

For those who know about these things don't panic. The boards are of different fire retardant ratings yes, but they happen to be what was left over after other work and the only thing behind the wall facing is an 18" thick brick wall with a rather rough surface. Hence we are covering it up.

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