Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Various updates!

Having been away I have not quite caught up yet so first here is a maintenance team update from last week. it appears they do know where the workshops are after all!

This report was from last week, while I was away, and
by Stuart Hamilton of the Maintenance Team.

I returned 4 seat backs to the works this afternoon with the intention of fitting them in the centre DMU car, but someone beat me to it. I see you have fitted all the frames with seats of various hues :-) ( a kaleidoscope if ever there was). Anyway there are some used blue ones up in Upholstery shop if you want to swap them round and there are 4 x 3 seat cushions in the DMU Guards compartment if you want to swap them for the striped ones. 

Maintenance news...
A reduced C&W Maintenance gang were busy at Toddington today, with most of the team investigating a reported noise on the bogie of W13329, one of C&C carriages. Nothing conclusive was found, but some strong pointers towards a likely cause have been identified. After that activities were focused on inspecting the Maroon rake. Meanwhile a 'Billy no mates' was hidden away in the DMU changing yet more seats.

After lunch it was all hands down to the DMU for seat fitting - we are just about keeping up with the upholstery 'factory' output. The pictures show Martin supervising,

while Richard and Anthony struggle with a recalcitrant seat back while Pete tries a more laid down approach to seat extraction. They thought it was a cushy number on the seats; perhaps they have changed their minds now! 

From Tuesday      Finishing touches     Report by Dave Clark
10 of us in on a bright, sunny day and it was still warm enough to enjoy our lunch outside.

The priority today was to get the toilets reinstated in the DMU centre car. When I arrived Dennis was busy cleaning one of them outside.

In the Malvern side compartment he has nearly completed the installation. Both toilets had new seats fitted and with everything else back in place, the two compartments now look very smart.

Ainsley was doing some more Formica cleaning, while earlier on Cheryl had been tidying up the internal paintwork. Later in the day Rod and I went round and added more paint to the Malvern side steps and the various connections at both ends. The car is being shunted out on Thursday ready for putting back into the set.

Also being shunted out will be the Shark. Richard Stone, who has done most of the work on the vehicle, painted the bases for the new cushions in Freight Brown (also known as Freight stock Red).

With the Shark just about done, Richard has turned his attention to helping Dave Ward with the box van rebuild. He is cleaning up the backs of the frame on the Cotswold side on the north half of the van, prior to coating in red oxide. This will enable the new planking on this section to be installed the next day.

In the Upholstery shop Vivian was attaching the side panel to another new seat cover for the DMU. The seats in the centre car will be going out with a mix of old moquettes, but at the rate the Upholstery team are turning these around, it won't be long before these are re-covered too.

With the blue power car due in the Paintshop when the centre car goes out, we are trying to get as much preparation done as possible. While enjoying the sun, Richard Hoy cleans up the Malvern side exhaust pipework, before moving round to work on the backs of the guards/luggage compartment doors on the Cotswold side.

Rod and I continued with the general cleaning up of the backs and sides of the doors, adding filler where required.

Malcolm was back cleaning up the Malvern side of the roof of SK 25451, afterwards painting on the grey etch primer.

It's something like 20 years since 25451 was last painted and whole sections have peeled off leaving some interesting shapes. Christmas trees already?!

Wednesday (today's report by me!)

Once Dave Ward had fitted the base rail to the goods van  it was all go for the rest of the morning with Richard and Ralph fitting the side planks.

 Tony started the day with some prep work and undercoating on FO 3132.

With a shunt tomorrow we decided to re-mount door 3 of the FO 3132. The door has only been cleaned up and painted in undercoat. It still needs the door team to service the locks and sort out the wood trim.

Craig was preparing the hinges for the return of door 5.

While Mike was gluing in place the new sections of widow runner felt.

Craig again this time working of a finger pull for the next door. Paul later fitted it in place.

While John Hill the electric carving knife to the seat foam for another DMU seat

John Hughes was sorting out the springs

and down in the workshop I started on the pile of seat frames for the Blue DMU driving car.

In the barn the carriage itself was being prepared with Russ filling and sanding door pillars

and Des Adams doing something similar on the other side.

John Hamer was sorting vacuum hoses. disposing of 2 old ones and preparing a replacement for one on 9000.

Ken was busy sizing some screws we need for refitting the window sliders to 3132.

Together the removed the second Guards Door Base rail from the Blue DMU. The rail is badly damaged  so we will be making a new one.

We still haven't really finished the workshop yet. Here Clive

and Dave are panelling the wall in the cloak room.

By the end of the day it was over to the painters.

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