Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Tuesday - take a seat

As our deadline approaches to get the DMU out for a special train service we have moved on to reinstalling the seats.

Having threaded the seats frame back into the compartment we concluded it was easiest to fit the seat backs to the frames before fitting the frames to the floor.

This the first seat is now back in place.

Ainsley completed the corridor connection entrances.

With slight trepidation then repaired the floor in the entrance way. I did manage to avoid the wet paint!

From that vantage point, I could see Rod carefully painting the connecting doors.

while Malcolm applied a coat of protective paint to the spring space plates.

Cheryl finished the last section of panelling over the doors.

Richard having helped with seats gave a final wash to the partition panelling.

and Malcolm painted the last of the door bumpers.

We won't have new seats for the carriage. The upholstery team are still working their way through
the other two carriages from the set.

Here Dave is repairing another seat back.

Vivian making another seat cover under the guiding eye of Penny.

A nice change for Vivian, construction rather deconstruction.

and finally with John Hamer back from holiday he accessed a pile of hoses passed to us by the loco department. Most of them will be useful for fitting to wagons. We only scrapped 2.

Thanks to the Loco department. These hoses are, like so many parts, not cheap.

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