Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tuesday - spread out.

You could say we were spread thinly today. We were certainly spread far and wide.

John Hamer and Ricard Stone having collected some tools went off to Long Marston

(thanks to Richard for the pictures)

and joined Dave Hancox in recovering some tank straps that are no longer required.

We have already collected the water tanks themselves this was a trip to get the securing straps for those tanks.

They will be reassembled to form the tanks in the boiler van, the existing tanks have rusted beyond salvaging.

back in the paintshop it was very much as usual filling, sanding and rubbing down.

The focus being on getting the door entrances prepared.

A test closure to see where the sticking point is.

The drivers door on the Cotswold side is the biggest problem.

In the interests of keeping things moving all round Dennis was working on the spare bogies in the barn stripping down the spring mounts and cleaning up the individual parts.

We also managed to remove the tie bar.

I started the day cleaning and painting a seat frame from the DMU. One each day I'm in and the task doesn't get to you.

Hop the upholstery team manage I marvel at.

I also painted all the bare metal around after welding.

The end of the FO

and a guards door from the DMU.

and in the upholstery shop, yep another DMU seat.

The problem here is fixing the spring frame to the wooden base.

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