Thursday, 1 October 2015

Tuesday - The jack is back

A time for a little celebration but we will keep it restrained until we have it rewired and back in action!

Mind you moving back into place straight after lunch on Tuesday came hard.

After which one could be inclined to take a seat but I would suggest not this one with the base rail rusted away.

or this one that I found out the back of yard. However, after cleaning up it has made a suitable donor for section of replacement tube with a reasonable match in the curve.

on Wednesday Nick welded the new section into place and by the end of the day it had also been painted black.

Tuesday also saw the end of another old DMU seat.

Dave Dron sweeping up the remains of the old foam!

All is of course not lost as he also prepared the seat ready for new foam and recovering.

The old moquette, where possible, becomes an under cover over the springs before the new foam. When its not suitable we have to use new canvass.

The work on the DMU carriage itself continued from bottom up.

John Hughes painting below the sole bar.

Russ painting interior window edges as was Dave Clark

There was also some filling and rubbing down of a couple of panels above the doors but I missed who was doing, sorry folks.

and Cheryl on the top line painting

 Phil and Richard started work on the Shark running boards.

Its starting to look very good.

which is more than can be said for another of the DMU seat bases. Condemned and waiting use as a template for anew one to be cut by the carpenters.

Penny was preparing more moquette this time  seat end sections.

While the Colin started on one of the seats for the shark ballast plough.

By the end of the day he was gluing in a new base rail for the seat.

After much fine adjustment and careful sanding

Paul fitted the panelling and side rails to a door for FO 3132

While Mike and I fitted the lock to another door.

Mike then went on to fit the panelling and rails to this door also for FO 3132.

Next week should see both doors ready for the woodwork to be varnished.

Work on the north end of FO 3132 has now started in earnest with Nick cutting out the heavily rusted

Base plate. It was down to about half thickness!

He then cleaned up the rest of the area

before welding in the first new section of plate steel.

With the corridor connection now off Ken set about deconstructing it into component parts for restoration.

which included straightening a somewhat distorted section of trim.

On the interior Ralph removed much of the wood panelling  ready for rewiring, additional welding, and replacement.

Key to much of the wood work is the preparation by Eddie Paddon and Dave Ward who endeavour to stay one step ahead in making all the new sections of trim and panels

There was a lot finishing off of painting within and under the DMU today.

Ainsley painting some of the carriage connection mountings

Saturday should see the painting completed.

Then its on to cleaning the floors and refitting the seats frames and seats.

Last week we did another seat swap on the DMU with the upholstery team taking a load of seats up the platform. Stuart who does most of the fitting had his drainage team hat on and was working over in the Winchcombe yard. So grabbed these shot across the track. thanks Stuart.

Penny and John with the first load

and Dave with the second.

Some amazed passenger looking on.

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mike slipper said...

You all do an amazing job up there in Winchcombe.