Friday, 2 October 2015

Thursday - The big push

Report by Dave Clark

Work is underway on the old P'Way tool van, with the base planking for the Cotswold side cut out and primed ready to be fitted. Before this can be done, Pete Lucas cleans out the channel and primes it with red oxide. The backs of all the metal frame above this were also wire brushed and primed.

Michael was also busy priming some more prepared timber in the Paintshop (I'm not sure what these were for), before moving on to priming the new bogie spacer disks cut out previously by John Osborn.

John Varley was cleaning up the section of corridor end trim for FO 3132 previously straightened out by Ken.

Later on he was cleaning up a small section of sheet metal he had welded into one of the BSK door skins.

In the Barn Ken was securing the rubbing strip on the south end corridor connection for FO 3132.

Also in the Barn, great progress was made on the Cotswold side of the blue power car, with Dave Hancox and Jeff sanding the paintwork. Later joined by Pete Lucas and myself, by the end of the day this side was almost completed.

Back in the Paintshop, Robin completed the painting on the Shark ballast plough, initially doing the steps and then giving second coatings to some of the side planking.

As usual the big push was on the DMU TCL. In the Workshop Ainsley was freeing up one of the ceased hinges from the north end corridor connection. A liberal soaking in WD40 and some gentle taps did the trick.

Later on he worked on the various connections under the north end, cleaning up and painting as required. The south end now looks very smart.

Dennis Richards has been busy ensuring that the communication cord equipment is functioning correctly.

Inside the centre section of the DMU, Alan and Ron cut out more pieces of vinyl sheet to re-cover the relevant ceiling panels. Most of these have now been done.
Bob was back top coating more ceilings - again, this job is nearing completion.

At the south end Richard Hoy second coats the orange panels in the corridor connection.

Richard also top coated the new piece of ceiling for the central corridor.

This will now be ready for Steve Barnfield to reinstate on Saturday.

Jeff completed the undercoating on the north end corridor door - the main side had been done earlier in the week.

We are also where possible cleaning and repainting the insides of the lighting units,

and the plastic light covers - both of which are very dirty.

You know you are really getting there when the transfers start to go on. Richard not only applied the main roundels,

numbers, and end panel information,

but also proceeded inside to reapply the information notices where applicable.

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