Sunday, 25 October 2015

Saturday - Deja Vu in Blue

It was very much same again in the paintshop today with work on a DMU carriage. This time the Blue motor car. A lot of work has already been done out in the barn but now its full swing with light sanding and filling.

                     Paul                                                                          Andy
                                      working on either side of the Guards area

A little to much in a couple of places as doors no longer shut but that was soon rectified.

Chris Checks one of the wayward doors shuts again.

Steve started on replacing some door pillar sections that were beyond repair.

John Osborn made and fitted a new bottom section to one of the Guards doors

While James was working one of the badly corroded doors from the BSK 34929

The new 'feature' carriage in the workshop is SK 25451.

The seats have been ready for this for some time. At last we are starting on the body work. This is another of those quick jobs that is already proving to be anything but

Ken starting on the skirt rivet line

while George was working his way round the windows

John Squires started on the heavy pipe work this part of the vacuum system. but the pipe is both for this and the water system are heavily corroded and section need replacing or repairing

The air vents on the roof are as bad these two will both need replacing and the feed pipe over the roof to fill the water tanks also has holes.

I repaired them today

and plated round the vent pipe covering more rust holes.

The vent are now off, they were held together but duck tape, but the replacements will need some work before they can be fitted.

The upholstery team could be forgiven for resting on there laurels, this is actually another DMU seat, but when I arrived for the picture they were discussing what to do about the several seats with broken springs. There just aren't that many spares.

The shutting left over from Thursday was completed today which meant some of the bogies are now on the jack road for overhaul.

The spring on this B4 bogie have been removed for inspection.

This does require some major dismantling of the bogies

which leave us with the impression the 'dirty gang' a title they have for a very good reason, have created a new swing seat for them selves. This is actually the central cradle that links the carriage body to the bogie chassis.


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