Monday, 12 October 2015

Saturday/Sunday 10/11 October Diesel Gala

Report by Dave Clark

A busy Saturday for C&W, but compared with the summer Diesel Gala, this was a much quieter weekend with respect to the number of Gala visitors around the Works.

The first job for Saturday was to complete the preparations for the Gala visitors to the Works, finalising the displays and putting up the final bits of chequered tape and hazard notices.

In the Upholstery shop, all that could be heard was the electric bread knife as John Hill carefully shaped a piece of foam

 and Dave Dron stapling canvas onto another DMU seat back.


Penny was busy sewing a length of piping onto a new seat cover.

In the DMU centre car, Ian and Paul Ellis refitted all the seat frames. Unfortunately some of the seat backs have disappeared into the refurbishment cycle, so not all the seats will be immediately usable when the car goes back into service and will have to be completed retrospectively.

On Sunday afternoon Stuart Hamilton (who has been actively involved with the DMU seat refitting) and Alex retrieved two seat backs from Toddington, thus making two more double seats available.

The mystery of the missing seat was also solved. This had been taken out some time ago when space was needed for OTC to trial a trolley service on the DMU.

Although the south corridor floor had been partially sorted out, there was insufficient clearance for the door when it was refitted. As such Steve redid the job and, by the end of the day, the door was back on and opening without any problems.

Bob Keyte completed the internal painting with the final areas of ceiling now top coated.

Paul Ellis and Maurice Miles took on more of the window cleaning. Just a bit more needed and this job will also be completed.

On the Shark ballast plough Richard to applied the transfers, with a local name represented this time.

 Also on the Shark, Alex added some further top cream coat to the window frames and completed some missing black painting on the upper sections of the north end.

With very few Gala visitors appearing during Sunday morning, it gave us a chance to do some work. Richard Stone sorted out the old chimney exit in the cabin roof, blocking the hole inside with a new piece of plywood and later adding a square of canvas on the roof to improve the existing seal.

Repairs to the skin of one of the doors from BSK 34929 continued with James test fitting another piece of sheet metal prior to welding it in.

On the Malvern side of FO 3132, John Osborn pauses for the photo before resuming the removal of another section of corroded under-window sheet metal. The new corner has already been welded in and cleaned up.

Normally working on Wednesdays, Nick Evetts was in on Saturday and completed another section of crash pillar replacement on the north end of FO 3132.

In the Barn, George improves the front end of the blue power car with more filler, while Malcolm cheekily peers over the top to see what I am doing. Malcolm was busy roof painting further back along the vehicle.

At the north end of the power car, Phil Jones applies some bridging filler to one of the treated rust holes.

Also in the Barn, SK 25341 has temporarily replaced SK 25451 on the jack road so that a steam leak could be fixed. John Squires, with help from Ken and James, is in the final stages of tightening up the nuts and seals on the new length of pipe.

What the weekend was all about, with 45149 (formerly D135) leaving for Toddington. 

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