Saturday, 3 October 2015

Saturday-starting the clean up

Where did the sunshine go?

Well not into the Winchcombe valley.

Normally from here you can see Winchcombe in the valley.

I was inclined to shout Abracadabra and produce a completed carriage.

Well nearly with the outside painting of the DMU centre car complete attention is now fully focussed on the interior.

Paul completed the deep clean of the first class section. The carpets have come up beautifully.

Steve Barnfield was working on the toilets and the connecting corridor.

while Ainsley was painting the connecting doors

and Dave was cleaning the partition doors

.. and .. were competing some of the roof trim above the luggage racks.

Dave Dron opened up another seat for refurbishment.

It doesn't look good!

 The centre section is supposed to be springs not foam and the wire should be a mesh.

Oh well file it for consideration another day.

Lets try another one.

Penny kept her head down and stuck to sewing the cover for another seat.

 Clive wasn't the only one working on the Shark today but here he is hovering the roof before setting about applying the first coat of paint.

He had already done some more work on the sole bar.

FO 3132 is mainly lined up for welding at present and I spent some time preparing sections for John Osborn who duly did the honours.

The corner sections measure and cut

The first corner was tacked in place then the weld was completed and ground flat.

On the other side Derek fitted a new step which will vastly improve access.

Chris was working his way round the Blue DMU doorways refitting the entrance bars after the new floor was fitted.

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