Saturday, 31 October 2015

Saturday - Spooks

The nearest we got to spooky in C&W today was the way the upholstery team keep producing newly refurbished DMU seats seemingly from nowhere.

With the sun shining the team went on a works outing.

Naturally they took their seats with them.

Now the running season is over how are we going to transport the seats It just won't be the same using a truck!

Now if there had there been any money left in the kitty they would have seen the loco all lit up at Blackpool.
(picture by my daughter Claire Henry)

But the Spooky express out of Winchcombe was all we could afford.

This was one the didn't take with them. They broke there stool so John Osborn was quickly roped in to repair it before they got back!

Also effecting repairs was Ken who completed the first of the new cowls.

The new still awaiting painting with the remain of an old one to be scrapped.

Having sorted out the templates he quickly roped our newest volunteer in to make some more. Pam who is a TTI in training joined us today.

She won't be the newest volunteer for long we have two more starting next week.

John Squires was investigating the rust around the communication chord system on the end of 25451.

More precisely he was trying to find any metal at all holding it on the carriage. I don't think he ever did find any and the water filler pipes to the tanks are not a lot better.

George was having a much better time progressing the sanding and filling along the Cotswold side.

The dirty gang had a good day and perhaps came closest to the monsters from the deep at the end of the day covered in oils and grim and big grins.

Two bogie overhauls were pretty much completed everything stripped down cleaned and re-greased

All the joints and moving parts were checked and oiled, Andy with the oil gun.

With the springs all reassembled the bolsters were put back. Bring on the hoist. A four man shove to manoeuvre it into place.

while the axle boxes of the ballast plough had a final check.

Yep that is definitely oil from the axle box on your fingers Richard.

 They also did some shunting to prepare the bullion carriage for use a s a store room for the FO seats that are due back from external upholsterers on Thursday.

At the clean end of the works Steve was trimming and fitting a new door pillar

 Dave later started the paint process on it.

Before heading off to Toddington with an arc welder for the loco department. Its one that's surplus to our needs.

Richard Stone also completed the removal of one half of the rotten planking on the Malvern side of the store wagon this morning.

I'm sure I took a picture but I can't find it SPOOKY!!

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