Sunday, 18 October 2015

Nearly there. (updated)

 So on Tuesday we rode the Jacobite to Mallaig from Fort William

On Wednesday we moved on to the Strathspey Railway at Aviemore . The new home for 3 of the carriages from the Elegant Excursion. They are now stored sadly, for us, in a shed out of view.

However, their only loco was in good form and the scenery was wonderful.

The 'light lunch' very nice but the curtain frill, umm.

They do have a working turntable powered by the loco itself.

We also took a trip up the funicular railway

which has its own long tunnel

On the way south we dropped in at the Embsay and Bolton Abbey which wasn't running that day

but we did have a long chat with a couple of the volunteers.

Like us a line with opportunities to extend.

and finished the week with a trip on the East Lancs.

Red Rose Dining Train

One of the FO carriage interiors, keep working folks ours is coming on but they run 2 and have just bought 3 more!

One puzzle from earlier in the day was theis carriage marked Café. It has no windows?

Finally on the way home Saturday we stopped in on the GWsR well why not have ride on a train?

As I was still 'on holiday' here is the rest of report by Dave Clark

It was a busy day in C&W, which included another new volunteers tour which has produced four more who want to join us, and a visiting film crew recording different aspects of our work. The resulting video will be put on the website showing volunteers at work all over the Railway.

We are almost there with the refurbishment of the DMU centre car 59510. Steve Barnfield fitted the last of the internal doors

and then moved into the toilet compartments to mount the trinket boxes. Just the loos and small water tank need to be plumbed in to complete the job.

Richard adds some final touches in the second class compartment.

Clive was busy repainting the battery boxes on both sides, and the underframe electrical apparatus on the Cotswold side.

There was considerable attention given to the blue power car 51360, starting with Andy and Jim stripping out the guards/luggage compartment, removing all the seating that had been stored in there. The frames were relocated to the Workshop ready for cleaning up and repainting, while all the cushions and seat backs were stored at the end of the Paintshop.

Tony Caulfield and Paul Ellis worked on the door backs, initially removing the existing notices

and then continuing the general sanding down. Hopefully most of this work will be completed before Thursday's shunt, when 51360 enters the Paintshop.

Chris Taylor, later joined by his daughter Nicky, worked on the doorways to ensure that the doors functioned correctly.

The guards door on the Malvern side was badly corroded at the base. It was taken off and the bottom section of metal skin removed by Ken, ready for a new piece to be rivetted in place.

Having completed his work on the centre car, Steve began replacing the worn or missing lower sections of door frame on the Malvern side of 51360.

After all the last bits of painting and other work done by Richard Stone and Robin Moore both during the week and today, the interior of the Shark ballast plough is now looking very smart.

James uses the door window former to create a new piece of door skin. (panel beating the traditional way another skill passed on to a new generation)

On the Malvern side of FO 3132, John Osborn spreads filler to complete the recreated window base.

Another clean-up job being done by Ken, this time on a spare battery charging socket found tucked in a corner of the Barn.

I was very polite to Dave and Penny as they continued with more DMU seat re-upholstering.
That needle in Dave's right hand is enormous,

while Penny was using a curved one for her work.

When you are away for a week the progress is so much more obvious and amazing.

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