Saturday, 31 October 2015

Saturday - Spooks

The nearest we got to spooky in C&W today was the way the upholstery team keep producing newly refurbished DMU seats seemingly from nowhere.

With the sun shining the team went on a works outing.

Naturally they took their seats with them.

Now the running season is over how are we going to transport the seats It just won't be the same using a truck!

Now if there had there been any money left in the kitty they would have seen the loco all lit up at Blackpool.
(picture by my daughter Claire Henry)

But the Spooky express out of Winchcombe was all we could afford.

This was one the didn't take with them. They broke there stool so John Osborn was quickly roped in to repair it before they got back!

Also effecting repairs was Ken who completed the first of the new cowls.

The new still awaiting painting with the remain of an old one to be scrapped.

Having sorted out the templates he quickly roped our newest volunteer in to make some more. Pam who is a TTI in training joined us today.

She won't be the newest volunteer for long we have two more starting next week.

John Squires was investigating the rust around the communication chord system on the end of 25451.

More precisely he was trying to find any metal at all holding it on the carriage. I don't think he ever did find any and the water filler pipes to the tanks are not a lot better.

George was having a much better time progressing the sanding and filling along the Cotswold side.

The dirty gang had a good day and perhaps came closest to the monsters from the deep at the end of the day covered in oils and grim and big grins.

Two bogie overhauls were pretty much completed everything stripped down cleaned and re-greased

All the joints and moving parts were checked and oiled, Andy with the oil gun.

With the springs all reassembled the bolsters were put back. Bring on the hoist. A four man shove to manoeuvre it into place.

while the axle boxes of the ballast plough had a final check.

Yep that is definitely oil from the axle box on your fingers Richard.

 They also did some shunting to prepare the bullion carriage for use a s a store room for the FO seats that are due back from external upholsterers on Thursday.

At the clean end of the works Steve was trimming and fitting a new door pillar

 Dave later started the paint process on it.

Before heading off to Toddington with an arc welder for the loco department. Its one that's surplus to our needs.

Richard Stone also completed the removal of one half of the rotten planking on the Malvern side of the store wagon this morning.

I'm sure I took a picture but I can't find it SPOOKY!!

Thursday - Stripping down and clearing out

Report by Dave Clark

Eighteen of us in today and nearly all the concentration was on the blue power car 51360 and SK 25451.

Inside 51360, Richard Hoy, John Hughes and Jeff were scraping and sanding down the window frames to which I had applied paint stripper the day before. Unlike the internal window frames in the DMU centre car which had ingrained paint, we may be able to get these cleaned up enough to varnish them.

Steve replaced the lower part of the frame in this door way, one of several requiring this type of repair.

It was back to doors yet again, with Dave Hancox, Steve and myself working on them. Several are closing with minimal clearance and thus the door edges and frames require a lot more grinding and sanding down before they can be successfully painted.

The first paint goes on! Having already sugar soaped the ceiling in the guards/luggage compartment of 51360, Bob got going with the white undercoat.

The big strip of SK 25451 continued with the internal compartments gradually being cleared out to enable all the various repairs to be completed. Roger with one of the racks.

Paul removes the various components from the toilet doors which,

along with the bins and vents, were repainted in silver Hammerite.

In the Paintshop, Robin varnishes cupboard doors from the end vestibules. Also varnished were edging strips, while ceiling panels also from the vestibules were repainted.

By the end of the day there was quite an array of stuff from the SK in the area reserved for all this.

It is really great to have all this available space after years of littering the Workshop Malvern-side wall, which at times used to make any work on that side of a coach very difficult.

Repair work is already underway as Ken carefully cuts out some small pieces of sheet metal to repair some of the roof cowls that have corroded badly.

Not much of a template to work from!

Other work was of course going on, and John Varley continues the repairs to the door skin from one of BSK 34929's doors.

Dennis Richards tagging and recording extension cables, all adding to the important aspects of our record keeping.

In the Barn John Hamer discusses the bogie dismantling and repairs with Phil and John Varley.

Giving some much needed shelter to the "Wartime in the Cotswolds" team. Dave Miles and C&W's Ainsley Quilley paint some new barrier poles.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday - Pick a door, any door

It was a mass attack on the DMU doors today with that hope that tomorrow we will have finished the external prep work and painting can start.

BLUE painting!

Hopefully there will also be a team working on the inside. Today the nearest we got to the interior was a clean up of the air vents and their covers.

Cleaned sanded and later I painted them black.

That was I after I had done my one seat of the day.

The upholstery team did rather more delivering 12 more completed seats to the train and working on more.

The springs and wire mesh carefully checked to make sure they don't poke through and give anyone a nasty surprise.

and later in the process this seats has its new cover stapled in place.

Hopefully Stuart and the maintenance team can get the new seats swapped in and return the old ones for the team to work on.

They are running out of available seats.

The door team were finishing of the 2 doors they currently have for FO3132 before switching to the now higher priority 25451's doors.

Nick cut out the base of last of the crash pillar on FO 3132 along with the rest of the base plate.

By the end of the day he had replaced it all with new metal and it was all painted in a coat of protective red oxide.

After Richard and John's cage fight yesterday to extract the cages for the new water tanks in the boiler van, today Tim came down from the diesel group to help remove the old tanks. Mask goggles and ear defenders were all needed.

The old tanks are now in several sections and after rounding up some muscle the first one is ready to be off loaded.

Richard again joined John but this time working on the spare set of bogies. Here dismantling the brake rigging

while John cleaned up another of the spring bolts.

Having removed 2 air vents from the roof of  25451 I persuaded/challenged Ken to refurbish/make new parts for them.

I had recovered 2 replacements from the store but they weren't a lot better.

In the mean time Malcolm continued with prepping the roof. Loose and flaking paint removed bare patches treated.

While I was on top I swept the accumulated dust off ready for the first coat high build black to go on. This carriage is going out in Maroon.

In the wood work shop Eddie was making new door pillar sections for the DMU. Getting the curvature right is a skill. One that Eddie had definitely got sorted..

While Clive prepared the new wall facing in the changing room and put up, what will be, the much needed new coat rake.

For those who know about these things don't panic. The boards are of different fire retardant ratings yes, but they happen to be what was left over after other work and the only thing behind the wall facing is an 18" thick brick wall with a rather rough surface. Hence we are covering it up.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tuesday - spread out.

You could say we were spread thinly today. We were certainly spread far and wide.

John Hamer and Ricard Stone having collected some tools went off to Long Marston

(thanks to Richard for the pictures)

and joined Dave Hancox in recovering some tank straps that are no longer required.

We have already collected the water tanks themselves this was a trip to get the securing straps for those tanks.

They will be reassembled to form the tanks in the boiler van, the existing tanks have rusted beyond salvaging.

back in the paintshop it was very much as usual filling, sanding and rubbing down.

The focus being on getting the door entrances prepared.

A test closure to see where the sticking point is.

The drivers door on the Cotswold side is the biggest problem.

In the interests of keeping things moving all round Dennis was working on the spare bogies in the barn stripping down the spring mounts and cleaning up the individual parts.

We also managed to remove the tie bar.

I started the day cleaning and painting a seat frame from the DMU. One each day I'm in and the task doesn't get to you.

Hop the upholstery team manage I marvel at.

I also painted all the bare metal around after welding.

The end of the FO

and a guards door from the DMU.

and in the upholstery shop, yep another DMU seat.

The problem here is fixing the spring frame to the wooden base.