Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday - Pick a door seat or window

Any door or doorway would do. Indeed you could start at the very beginning.

Colin measuring up to make the mortise for a new door frame.

 Paul was working on the first of the doors from FO 3132 refiitting the scissor window mechanism.

Then starting on a final fit of the wood panels.

The lower panel clamped in place.

Craig was working on the second door. Again fitting the top panel.

However, there was no window scissors in the door. This was one of centre doors which were locked out of use and with the window shut tight. We are reactivating these doors.

So having retrieved one from the stores it was passed to Ralph for a clean up and regrease.

With work progressing well on the first 2 doors Ralph prepared the third door to come off.

With assistance form Martin and myself the door was lifted off the hinges and Martin started on the clean up. We can reuse 2 of the panels.

Eddie and Dave Ward contemplate the box van. Now free from its role as our store room the replanking it originally came in for can resume.

That's the door tied back to stop it flapping around!

They decided to do the floor first. Well its something safe to stand on! So Dave, with assistance, got two big sheets of ply to lay over the existing floor. He also got athird to make a new section for the FO's north end vestibule. I had just removed the old floor ready for welding repairs on the end.

You may call this lining out but Russ has to deal with every door along the side while doing the tapping up.

As for seats Martin continued the prep and painting of the DMU seat frames.

While John Hill completed another seat base. Job done we took another 8 completed backs and basses up the station and loaded them on the DMU collection another 6 for repairing.

Inside the DMU the emphasis was on the window surrounds

Trevor (right) and Dave (below)

picking their window and painting

You could say we were flushed with our success.

Especially with the walls of the Loos all painted ready for the floor to be re laid.

Its just that that's one seat we haven't refitted yet!

In the FO Steve Smith fitted and tested his patent new low voltage strip light. Just 24 volts so no inverters required and the light output was very well matched to the standard strip light.

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