Friday, 18 September 2015

Wednesday - Photo Caption Competion

No I am not actually holding a completion but several of the pictures would make a good subjects for one.

First up: 'This Turkeys a bit rubbery'

John was actually 'carving the foam' for the seats.

Penny was preparing the cloth for the seat cover

and later they combined to cover the seat. this is the last corner being fitted and fixed into position. Another one done.

Dave was cutting the canvass for the next seat

and subsequently fitting that.

The next example comes from the woodwork team.

Not a oriental greeting but careful alignment prior to routing a section of door trim.

Colin was setting out another door frame BSK 34929 will probably need several from the state of the doors so far removed.

Mike was setting out the foot for the door panelling for the first of the 3132 doors.

Craig was working on the second door which is in much the same state of progress.

One of the holes where one of those doors belong.

The right hand pillar is in a very poor state

so Nick cut it out and replaced it.

We now need to get toe other end ready for him to start work on!

While he was at it he also repaired a section a point motor mounting for S&T

and John Varley did some restoration on a door for 34929.

A bit more welding that could become a repetitive job. While cleaning off the old paint from the seat frame we found the bottom rail had rusted to away to leave very little support for the seat!

We added a new base plate to the two seats  we have so far found and gave them a base coat of protective paint.

This a deffinate 'What is it? challenge it got a coat varnish in the paintshop and you will be able to find it in the Discovery carriage when fitted.

A nice piece of English Oak.

Ainsley was applying finishing touches to the north end of the DMU centre car.

While Russ did the last section of taping up and then lining out on the Cotswold side.

We had visit form Fred Lee the Railways favourite painter.

Dave, head painter C&W, showed him round.

Yes our brushes are bigger but then so is our canvass!

What did he find?

Oh no we must have missed a bit

or is it, gasps of horror,

a fuzzy edge to the line?

'This breads been in the freezer to long!'

Des was actually having to think things out again. Some of the pictures from the discovery carriage seem to prefer laying on the floor rather than sticking on the wall.

Amongst several bits I cleaned up and painted during the day was the sole bar of the Shark.

This was the Cotswold side. We still have to do the Malvern side.

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