Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tuesday - Two treats awaited us

Report by Dave Clark

A very rewarding day with a lot done, and we reached double figures again.

Richard Stone was busy cutting out a part of the floor in the north end of the Shark to enable a new section to be fitted (leaning against the wall behind him).

Phil Hooton, another of our cleaners, has joined us again. He concentrated on adding more of the black to the outer surfaces.

The rest of the team worked on the DMU. In the Upholstery shop Dave Dron was sewing an old cover to one of the stripped spring bases to add some protection before adding the new moquette.

John Hughes (not pictured) was also busy on more DMU seating.

On the centre car, Cheryl made an early start and completed the bottom line on the Cotswold side, before doing almost half of the other side.

Russ, later joined by Rod, worked on more of the top line.

Malcom Baker lightly sanded the toilet compartment windows before taping around them and adding cream undercoat. He then went on to paint the sink walls in the same stone colour used for the Shark verandas - this colour has blended in well with the existing formica.

(no the pictures not sideways! check the writing on the windows. Malcolms leaning over).

Dennis had a good day, initially cleaning up the last of the upper formica panels that were still covered in old adhesive. All these end panels now look much better for this treatment.

One of the dilemmas with the centre car is what to do with the curved side panels from which old laminate had to be taken off.

The sticky mess is harder to remove as it is on  painted board instead of Formica. So do we try to clean up and paint, or try sticking on new laminate?

Dennis trialled a small section with the laminate using contact spray adhesive, and it worked a treat. By the end of the day he had completed the main north end compartment.

In the centre and south compartments, Ainsley and I removed all the loose seating and seat frames, which gave us the room needed.

Then while I was busy removing the tape from the parts that had been top coated on Saturday,  Ainsley vacuums around the south compartment before doing some further filling, and undercoated the remaining primed windows and doorframe.

The first treat of the day was to find two tubs of chocolates and a card waiting for us in the Mess Room. This was a very kind gift from Ian Carpenter, Ian Butler and George Forrest, thanking us for all our work on the DMU. Thank you chaps - it is a great pleasure to be able to help.

The morning break and nice to see a good number in again on a Tuesday.

The other treat was to see the Dinmore Manor Group's 2-8-0 "3850" doing the first of its 10 booked steam days before its boiler certificate runs out at the end of September.

Fireman Clive Norton looks out as Ade Showell carefully takes out the early afternoon train to Toddington.

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