Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Another small gathering today the work done moves things forward so effectively. This time there was real filling although we didn't get round to doing any sanding due to nearby painters!

The first job for Richard was to replace the rotten wood pictured last week.

Then filling round the joints and in filling the panels with the final sections either side of the doorway.

Before helping Richard out Dennis was repairing the step for the Friend of Winchcombe store van. (its the grey one we have just restored)

The painting preventing any sanding on the ballast wagon was Dave

and Alex finishing the second top coat on the green DMU centre car.

its looking good just the lining out to go for the sides.

there is still work to do on the ends and roof.

There is also a lot on the interior to finish.

Starting with the door interiors. The first one done in cream undercoat. Cream being the original colour.

 Elsewhere the upholstery team today Vivian and John Hughes were stripping more of the old DMU seats.

The green dust on the base used to be foam padding on top of the springs!

 The canvass cover on another seat totally perished.

More filling was done on the front of Blue DMU. this time we just didn't get time to do the sanding.

This Guards door on the Malvern side will need rather more attention.

 The first of the seat frames for the blue DMU sanded, cleaned and repainted ready for the seats to go back on.

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