Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Tuesday = Wednesday

We had 10 volunteers on both days mainly due to most of the upholstery team being on holiday at the same time.

So Vivian was on her own working on the last 2 seats needed to complete the first driving trailer of the DMU 3 car set.

She removed all the covers and repaired wooden back.

 Richard continued to drive work on the Shark completing another of the doorways and some more panelling repairs and rust protecting the handrails.

Malcolm was helping out with some filling and wood repairs on one of the doors.

 On Wednesday Tony took over the undercoating of the handrails.

With 4 of the 10 being the same on both days things seemed to merge so I have merged the reports as well!

Work on the DMU started on Tuesday with completion of the cream on the door interior trim.

Cheryl and Richard Hoy both hard at work.

I started on cleaning up seat frames from this carriage getting the first 2 rubbed down primed and late in the day started top coating. Dave took over and completed the last bit as I had to leave for the gran-daughters swim club session.

It was deja vu today as 2 frames became 4 done and painted. Now we have to find somewhere to store them until they can go back in

which they can't do yet as the interior was the focus of today with Trevor starting by washing the ceiling and starting on the section walls.

He also fitted in undercoating of the new section of ceiling.

 Tony spent the 2 days working on 3132.

First with some filling on the centre door Cotswold side

and following up with, one of his pet projects, cleaning and repainting the window sliders.

He finished by doing some more sanding and filling round two of the main windows

Ken has again been progressing the south end corridor connection of 3132 starting by painting the new metal then fitting the top sections of the connection woods.

The wood work team were also helping out producing the long vertical sections for both ends. They will have to be primed and painted before fitting.

While the main focus is clearly the two DMU carriages we are managing to keep things moving forward on 3132 as well.

Ken also did more on the south end corridor connection of the DMU. I painted the rust protection. next will be black then its back to Ken to cut the bolts down to length and refit the cover

Dave Ward cut some new carriage steps

while Eddie, not pictured, has made an extra panel to block the access to the guards section in the Discovery carriage. The original has proved to be a little low with children trying to climb over it.

Colin got some tuition on how we refit the Aluminium doors. this one from is 3132.

This afternoon John Hamer and Ken rode 5023 to Toddington and back on a test run for final checks before it goes into service, probably at the week-end. Only a couple of minor issues that the maintenance team can deal with.

Thanks to Neil and others for organising the path between operational services and driving the diesel.

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