Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Tuesday - In with the new

Report by Dave Clark

A very satisfying day, particularly when the latest output from the Works is made operational.

First off was the return of the two bogies with their newly turned tyres. John Hamer carefully lines up the wheels with the track as the second bogie is lowered into position.

An early job done by Dennis Stevens was the repositioning of the special Discovery Coach plaque that was unveiled by Dame Janet Trotter on Monday. The plaque had been attached to the back of one of the open doors for the formal opening ceremony, but with the threat of more heavy downpours the priority was to get it inside in its intended position as soon as possible. 

Another early job was to give a second coat of varnish to the special frame that will be mounted in the internal doorway to the Discovery Coach guards compartment. Unfortunately the existing barrier does not prevent unwanted access by children.

Richard Stone was back in continuing his excellent repairs to the Shark ballast plough. With top coating now well underway, the van is beginning to look quite striking.

Lining out on the DMU centre car is now proceeding well. On the Cotswold side Cheryl painted the special yellow line that indicates the first class compartment.

While at the other end Rod continued painting the lower line and was doing a really good job. By the end of the day he had got about half way along the body side.

On the opposite side, Rod took this photo of me carefully applying tape prior to tidying up sections of the lower line with cream undercoat. This is worth doing where green paint has leaked under the edges of the original lining-out tape and it ensures that the cream top coat covers properly when painted on.

Inside the centre car, using thinners and a plastic scraper to avoid damage, Dennis removed more of the sticky coating from the formica at the ends of each compartment. The end result was very good.

In the Upholstery shop the inevitable job for the day was working on more DMU seats. John Hughes cleans up the internal wooden frame for one of the small seat backs, while Vivian prepares to start on another one.

In the Barn Ken, with help from John Hamer on the inside, mounts a plywood panel in the headcode display box on the blue DMU power car. This will be a temporary fix as I believe the owning group wish to put in a new glass panel.

Outside there was plenty of activity during the day. Initially, with help from John and Ken, Neil Carr shunted the repaired FK 13329 back on to the Cheltenham bound train while it was in the station.

Later in the day, the Class 20 brought down the Maroon rake from Toddington to enable TSO 5023 to be exchanged with SO 4798. With the rake split into two, 
as a temporary measure SO 4798 was put onto the Third rake to enable this to run as a full length train during the Thomas weekend.

Finally the highlight of the day. Almost two years since arriving as a faded green liveried coach, TSO 5023 looks splendid in her gleaming maroon livery as the newly completed rake pulls out onto the main line. At last we have a gleaming Maroon set again.

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Brian Basham said...

The Discovery coach at Winchcombe was most interesting and so well prepared.

To think that it was just scrap when it arrived.

One little point, the Bishop of Worcester owned the Manor of Cleeve in the 10th century, so to be accurate it is Bishop's Cleeve with an apostrophe.