Friday, 25 September 2015

Thursday - Getting There

Report by Dave Clark

Phil kicks off the day this time, giving a coating of preservative to the underside of the new floor for the south end of FO 3132. This was followed up by coatings to the new floor boarding of the former P'Way van, before returning to setting up the final area of our new storage area.

Martin Levie was back in again, having stayed at a local B&B. Living on the far side of Surrey he is the remotest C&W volunteer. He begins his day stripping another of 3132's doors.

Later on, Tony took over and having once again produced the lovely "rainbow" swirls which in effect show the vehicle paint history.

He completed the job by applying an initial coat of light undercoat grey. The door is now ready for the Door team to begin their refurbishment.

Martin switched then back to painting
the seat frames that he cleaned yesterday from the DMU Centre Car.

In the Barn, Malcolm Dickson pad sands along the side of the blue power car roof.

While Dave Hancox does the same along the Malvern side of the vehicle. Most, if not all, of the preparation will have been completed by the time this comes into the Paintshop after the Centre Car.

Robin was back on the Shark again, continuing with top coating in both the Freight Brown and the light cream paint.

Cheryl (having ducked out of shot!) completed the bottom line on the Malvern side of the Centre Car.

Later in the day Richard Hoy, having completed some painting on the south corridor end, removes the remaining base tape from the upper line on the same side ready for painting.

In the small south compartment Alan and Ron put up some more of the laminate. It's a tricky process, as Dennis found on Tuesday when doing the large north compartment, but they did an excellent job and it certainly resolves the problem of the sticky panels.

In the small north compartment Pete Lucas completed all the required sanding of the window and corridor door frames, and then began the undercoating.

In the main north compartment, Bob top coated the ceiling and Jeff top coated the remaining undercoated frames.

The new floor in the two toilet compartments and corridor was screeded by Bob Webb, our flooring contractor. The new lino will go down on Saturday.

At the end of the day, a last survey of the main north compartment, now almost completed.

There's still some way to go with the Centre Car, but we are certainly getting there.

Can you ever get tired of looking at this view, especially at the end of a gorgeous day? I couldn't resist taking this shot once again as I walked across the bridge with a possible new volunteer for C&W - his wife waits patiently on the platform.

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