Saturday, 26 September 2015

Saturday -DMU Progess and more

With 26 signed in today it was busy in most areas.

The main focus still remains the interior of the  green DMU centre carriage. The toilet and corridor floors were re-laid first thing this morning.

With that area out until the flooring had time to go off Steve took the opportunity to re hand one of the interior door.

Later in the day he discovered that one of the ceiling panels was broken so made a new section which he just had time to fit before the end of the day.

I doubt that Bob would have had time to prime it. However, he did do a large swathe of the ceiling in top coat.

Malcolm cleaned off the markers having completed that section of painting

before moving on to do more painting on the Shark.

There was some final finishing work on the out side of the DMU. A last bit of lining out and all the door bumpers.

Alex and dad Tony at work.

Dave was focused on the corridor connections. Here working on the north end entrance floor that was rotten.

while Ainsley worked on the sole bar. Its hard on the knees.


The upholstery team continued with the mammoth DMU seat challenge collection several more from the train at lunch time.

Its always gives a good opportunity to watch the train pass.

The seats did cause some head scratching during the afternoon as the spring on this seat are not of standard DMU origins. They don't quite fit as they should.

James was welding the final sections of panelling back on the south end of FO 3132

 Ian I removed the corridor connection from the north end Ian continued here by removing the chequer plate.

and then much of the rusty sections of the metal.

This end is now ready for the crash pillars to be repaired.

John Osborn was busy making some more spring spacers

and also made some backing plates for the door lock mounting bolts for the FO doors.

Paul and Phil was checking out and cleaning more window sliders

and Phil also reconfigured more Dexion shelving for the barn

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